For the past three Januarys, DT and I have taken a cruise to escape the blustery winters of Minnesota.  (Blustery this year?  Not so much – yet.)

A week from tomorrow we head south to hop aboard for our fourth.  Weeeeee!!

I think everyone has an opinion, or at least a preconceived notion, about cruises.

For example, my dad:  Hell no.  No way, never.

Others wonder about, love, or hate the food, the crowds, the ports, getting seasick, yadayada.

Certainly, cruises are not for everyone, but we absolutely love them.

The food….well, it’s alright.  It’s not five-star dining, it’s mass-produced, but it’s pretty okay.  It alleviates the hassle of figuring out meals while on vacation and, considering it’s available 24/7, you’ll never, ever be hungry.  In fact, you’ll likely gain 10 pounds over the course of the trip.  Joy for time in a bathing suit.  😐

The crowds….can be a drag sometimes, especially embarking/disembarking at ports, and if you need to take a tender to an island.  But just generally on the ship, at sea, we’re always able to find a spot in a bar or by the pool to have a cocktail and play cards.

The ports….have been, for the most part, aMAYzing.  Our trip last year brought us to five different Caribbean islands that all had unbelievably beautiful beaches.  I couldn’t have felt more removed from life in Minnesota, we were truly in paradise.

Grand Cayman, 2010

Grand Cayman, 2010

Getting seasick….thankfully, that hasn’t been an issue for either one of us.  We definitely grow sea legs while on the ship, though.  Once on land, we have that “sway.”  It’s funny how you don’t realize how much the ship is actually rocking while docked and en route.

The only disappointments we’ve encountered:

  • Lousy weather for our snorkeling excursion in the Bahamas three years ago.  We made up for it with plenty of rum punch on the catamaran!  😉
  • The ports of Belize and Isla Roatan (Honduras) two years ago.  I had such high hopes for these stops, but we need to do more research and have a total do-over.
  • My luggage not arriving with our flight last year.  That was horribly stressful and did NOT start the trip off right.
  • Coming home to reality.  😦

(I hope I haven’t just jinxed us for this year!)

towel creatures

Funny towel creatures greet us every evening.

We just have so much fun on these trips….DT and I travel really well together anyway, but cruises are an absolute treat for us.

I’ll be giddy with anticipation for the next week!

What’s your winter getaway?  Do you prefer beaches or ski slopes?  Or would you rather just hunker down at home?


3 Comments on “Cruisin’”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been on a couple of cruises and while I did indeed get seasick on one and my friend broke her nose on the other, it’s a nifty little way to sea a lot of places. (See what I did there?) I’ll do both kinds of vacations, but a little beach never hurt anyone…jealous! Have so much fun!

  2. yennilb says:

    The seasickness scares me away from cruises, but I MUST see the Bahamas one day…

    Have a great time!

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