Another Craftacular Saturday!

Happy [late] Saturday, all….how was your day?

Mine was positively lovely.

It started out with a solid sleep-in this morning.  I would have loved to make it out for a run, but goshdang.  It felt rejuvenating to grab a few extra zzzs.

This afternoon I went over to my bff Nancy’s for Craftacular Saturday numero dos.  Nancy and I decided to dedicate one weekend day every month this year to unleash some creativity.  A fine idea, no?

Today’s creative mission:  I had another batch of greeting cards to make.

Look at my new equipment!  My brother gave me this no-nonsense “Advanced Tape Glider” for Christmas.  Ahem!

tape gun 1

I mean….compared to the other little blue tape glider?!  This sucker is ALL adhesive business.  I must admit, I was a bit intimated by its sticking power, and it schooled me at least a few times.

tape gun 2

craft table

The infamous craft table.

It was about mid-afternoon when we dipped into the vino.  😉

vino on craft day


Cherokee was exhausted by all the creativity (again).


As was Spirit (again).

By the end of the night, here was my output:


Only nine cards….in eight hours….whaaaa??

Gosh, creativity takes time.  Especially with great company, fantastic conversation, and some good red wine.

As a sidenote….before I left for Nancy’s, I tracked down the kitties to make sure no one was shut in a room somewhere.  Milo was planted on the ottoman downstairs where he’d been for the past two hours.  RJ was nowhere to be found, so I did a little searching.  I found this big, fat foot sticking out of the covers in our bed:

RJ paw

RJ = found.

I went on my way.  🙂

Hope your Saturday was swell as well!


2 Comments on “Another Craftacular Saturday!”

  1. Ashley says:

    oh my goodness!!! That is the biggest tape dispenser I’ve ever seen!

  2. yennilb says:

    Haha, love the tape dispenser (and how it schooled you:). Hilarious.

    This was so fun! I can’t wait to have a crafty day each month!

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