Hello everyone!

We’re back home….we flew in last night after a long day of airports and airplanes.

The good news:  we had a fantastic trip and returned home safely.

The bad news:  we’re back to reality, it’s a dreary, cold January day in Minnesota, and I’m not presently looking at, and/or sitting on, a warm, sunny beach.


Actually, it’s not so bad to be home.  It feels kind of nice to be home, sweet home.

The kitties missed us and have been glomming on whenever, wherever, we sit.  All was well and intact at the homestead while we were away….even the automatic light timer successfully turned on and off from 7 pm to 10 pm each night in the living room (mastery!).  We didn’t have to dig out of nine feet of snow in the driveway.  Can’t beat any of that with a stick.

DT and I had such a fun week, though.  In a nutshell:

The weather was perfect every single day.

The scenery was beautiful.

We played oodles of King’s Corner, Yahtzee, and Backgammon.

We spent hours reading our respective books (I finished The Tiger’s Wife, Bossypants, and Smokin’ Seventeen; I started This is a Call and Explosive Eighteen – DT read 11/22/63 and two books by Chuck Palahniuk).  BTW, traveling with an iPad/e-reader is soooo handy!

Did I overpack?  Most definitely.  I will never learn.

Did I gain 10 pounds from all the food?  Ugh, sure feels like it.  Treadmill, here I come.

Did I kick DT’s patoot at King’s Corner and Yahtzee?  Well of COURSE!  (I may concede Backgammon, but only because I was relearning.)  😉

All in all = awesome.

We still have some sea legs, I think I’m swaying just sitting here.

I’m working on compiling and editing photos and will post throughout the week.  More to come!


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