2012 Cruise Post 2: Key West

We woke up Monday morning to this view in the Florida Keys:

Key West view


We hopped off the ship to explore Key West!

A walk down Duval Street brought us to Key West’s South Beach:

Key West beach 1

DT and me, Key West beach

A walk down the pier and this view of the beach….

Key West beach 2

A vacation decision maker found on the pier!  Never again will DT and I squabble about what to do on vacation.  😉

vacay decision maker

We stopped by the Southernmost Beach Cafe and DT had this beautiful Mojito:

Southernmost Mojito

(I had white wine….not as pretty or fancy.)

Southernmost clocks

After sufficient beach time, we made our way back to the ship, but not without a little sightseeing on Duval.

Key West Women's Club

Key West Women's Club

Duval Street

Duval Street

Clock on Duval

Doggie bar

I love this....a doggie water bar outside one of the restaurants!

And then, we happened upon some feathered friends….


noisy rooster

This was one noisy rooster....cockle-doodle-doooooo!

mom and babies

Mamma and her babies....how cute and fuzzy are they??

There was only one thing left to do:  eat a slice of Key Lime Pie while in Key West.  This….is a bucket list item, and folks, I was in the right place.

Key West Key Lime Pie Co.

Key West Key Lime Pie Co….ahhhhhhh!

KWKLPCo sign

You bet I’ll taste for myself!

My slice….drool:

key lime pie

Here I am, gesticulating over my pie:

me, pie

pie, YUM


OMG, pie!

OMG....pie. Eeeep!

Tangy, limey, creamy, perfect.  My time in Key West was complete.

DT and I enjoyed that port so much….it was like a tropical Provincetown with its main street, shops, and restaurants.  And of course, the pie.  🙂  It was so walkable and easy to get around.

We returned to the ship and took a photo on the balcony as we set sail.

DT and me, Key West balcony

DT, Key West balcony

THEN, we broke out Yahtzee. And it’s ON!

Yahtzee card 1

DT, Yahtzee

Yahtzee card 2


Tuesday was a day at sea and we were sooooo lazy.  We’d gotten quite a bit of sun in Key West so we camped out in the shade on one of the upper decks to read most of the morning.  After lunch, we parked on our balcony, read some more, and I took a sweet nap.  I awoke to this:

Tuesday sunset

Not too shabby!

We showered, got ready, and made our way to the lobby bar for more Yahtzee.

DT, Tuesday Yahtzee

Yahtzee card 3

Still winning, BOOya!  😉

When we got back to the room, a friend was waiting….

kiss for rabbit friend

DT and I thought he resembled RJ with his big ears and feet, heehee:


DT and me, asail from Key West

That’s all from Key West!


4 Comments on “2012 Cruise Post 2: Key West”

  1. Mama kay says:

    What a great website, we did keywest a couple of years ago. A must do for every bucket list!

  2. yennilb says:

    That key lime pie! You look thrilled:)

  3. yennilb says:

    OH – AND

    I need a vacation decision maker. And the dog bar! So great! 🙂

  4. […] took an amazing cruise in January that brought us to Key West, Grand Cayman, and Ochos […]

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