2012 Cruise Post 4: Ocho Rios

Our third and final port was Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Thursday morning’s view:

view of Jamaica

Welcome to Ocho Rios

Welcome to Ocho Rios

The island was hilly, green, and lush….very beautiful.  But once outside the gates of the port, we were BOMBARDED by locals selling taxi rides, hair braiding, beads, yadayadayada.  On the street as we walked, on the beach, they were everywhere.   DT and I must have said “no thank you” 85 times apiece.

A 10 minute walk brought us to the Ocho Rios Margaritaville in the Island Village shopping area.

DT, Island Village

Island Village

Margaritaville 2

Margaritaville 1

A Screwdriver for me, a fruity drink for DT, and King’s Corner….all before 10 am.  Vacation, baby!

King's Corner, Jamaica

We headed back to the ship after the beach….I snapped these photos of the lush hillside next to the port:

Ocho Rios hillside 1

Ocho Rios hillside 2

After we set sail, it was time for more….you know….YAHTZEE!

DT, Yahtzee Thursday

Me, Yahtzee Thursday

Me, Yahtzee Thursday

"I'm gonna beat you, muwahahahaha!"

A kiss goodnight for our little towel buddies….

me, towel creatures Thursday

me, Thursday night balcony

DT and me, Thursday night balcony

Goodnight, Jamaica!

Good morning, Friday:

Friday morning

Our last day was a day at sea.

Yep, we were starting to get pretty bummed.  A whole day ahead, but knowing in 24 hours we’d be heading home.  Boohoo.

We made the most of it.  I sat out in the sun and read that morning.  DT sat out in the shade and read that morning.  After lunch, it was time for me to learn how to play Backgammon….again.  DT taught me two years ago, but we haven’t played it since.  Time for a reeeeematch!

Backgammon 1

Backgammon 2

(I think I need to polish my Backgammon skills.  Don’t tell anyone.)

DT ordered one of the final fruity drinks of the journey:

DT, final fruity drinks

Uhhh....Milton from Office Space?!

final fruity drink close


We watched one last beautiful sunset from our balcony that night….

last sunset 1

final sunset 2

….and, like all good things, our magical cruise had to end.

We went out in smiles.

DT and me, last night


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