Seeing Sunday

Today I volunteered with Nancy and Jennifer to measure, label, and bag prescription eyeglasses.  Approximately 4,000 pairs will be sent to Vietnam in March and the recipients will be seeing clearly – many, for the first time ever.  Donations were collected by the Lion’s Club International and volunteers (including optometrists and eye surgeons) from this group coordinated today’s effort and the trip they’ll take this spring.

volunteering 1

volunteering 2

box of glasses

Each pair was first measured and its prescription was written on a slip of paper (or, with some of the machines, printed automatically).

measuring glasses


volunteering 3

prescription notes

The bags of glasses were divided into nearsighted (“-“) and farsighted (“+”):

-, + boxes

And then further divided by prescription number:

sorting prescription sizes

prescription boxes

Nancy, Jennifer measuring

Jennifer measuring

We brought sexy back today….

Glamour Girl

Leigh 1

Nancy 1

Leigh 2

Nancy 2

Leigh 3

Nancy 3

Leigh 4

Leigh 5

Leigh 6

Leigh 7

Leigh 9

Nancy 4

Nancy 5

Leigh 10

Jennifer 1

Nancy 6

Nancy 7

Leigh 11

Nancy 8


In all seriousness, though….we had fun modeling, but these glasses will do a world of good for those a world away.  It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

full box of glasses

Hope your week kicks off great!


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