Valentine’s Date Weekend

DT and I have had such a fun couple of days!

We designated this as Valentine’s date weekend and we’ve had a marvelous time.

We kicked off the festivities with dinner at Pizza Nea in NE Minneapolis Friday night.

Pizza Nea outside

We made ourselves at home in their warm, cozy dining room.  Our hearts were insulated with the help of two glasses of red wine.  (It was freaking freezing outside that night!)

Pizza Nea inside



red wine

We picked Bruschetta for an appetizer….deelish!  Toasted bread covered with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil.  We devoured all six slices pretty darn quickly.


For pizza, DT ordered the shrimp scampi special….a white pizza with olive oil, shrimp, red onions, and cheese.

Shrimp scampi pizza

I chose the Caprino e Treccione.  Sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, goat cheese….three of my favorite things to appear on a pizza.  That pizza was made for me.

my pizza

pizza slice

OMG sooooo GOOD.  The crust was perfect – not too thick, not too thin, and remarkable oregano flavor.  DT polished his off and I ate the rest of mine for a midnight snack.  😉

pizza oven

After dinner we stopped over to Whitey’s for a nightcap.  Whitey’s is an institution in NE Minnie.

Whitey's bar

Whitey's painting

Yesterday morning I surprised DT with an early Valentine’s gift:  a couple’s massage at Massage Retreat & Spa, about five minutes from our house.  Our respective massage therapists hurt.  us.  GOOD.  Holy buckets, am I sore today, but the *best* kind of sore.

We walked out of the spa feeling a little woozy and dazed.  After running a few errands, our appetites were fierce.  (Sheesh, you would have thought we’d been out for a long run all morning rather than lying on warm beds and our tight muscles being completely indulged.)

Lunch was in order, so we decided to give El Tejaban (about two minutes from our house) a whirl.

el Tejaban 1

el Tejaban 2

It was a bit quiet when we first arrived, but a late lunch crowd trickled in while we dined.

They brought chips and salsa to nibble on pre-meal.  I’m not a fan of tortilla chips, so I don’t typically partake, but there was another sauce served with the chips that was to DIE.  I had to ask our waiter twice what the recipe was so I didn’t forget.  Tomatillos, dried chili peppers, white wine, and olive oil blended together.  It was fresh, smooth, kicky with spice, and I’m telling you, I wouldn’t have had any shame eating it with a spoon….and I would not have needed any stinking chips.  It was PHEnom.  We must attempt a re-creation at home.

chips and salsa

Margaritas, anyone?  David had the house, I had the peach.  Both = muy bueno.

DT margarita

peach margarita 1

peach margarita 2

me and my margarita


DT ordered the chicken fajitas, I the vegetarian burrito.

Tell me – is there any greater sight or smell than a steaming hot platter of FAJITAS??

chicken fajitas

fajita fixins

My burrito was ginormous.  Like the size of a football.

veggie burrito

burrito cut in half

Stuffed with beans, rice, cheese, pico de gallo, and guac….oy vey.  So good, but so MUCH.


DT consuming fajita

Upon delivery of the check, our waiter asked if we enjoyed our food and if we’d be returning to El Tejaban.  An emphatic YES….what a great neighborhood find!

Later last night we lit a big ol’ fire and watched As Good as it Gets.  It happened to be on television last weekend and DT had never seen it all the way through.  We recorded on the DVR and finally got to it yesterday.  DT now calls me Melvin (you know, the whole OCD thing…. 🙂 ).


Started quite lazily….reading the paper while watching Sopranos reruns and drinking a pot of coffee.  Perfection.

I was gifted my long-awaited, much anticipated Oreo Blizzard.  Happy Valentine’s Day to ME.

Oreo Blizzard

Blizzard and me

Yummy, yummy, yum yum.  I love you, ice cream.

DT and Blizzard

DT and his Heath Blizzard

So, look at what our friends are doing!


Indeed Brewing Company announced its entrance into the Minneapolis craft beer market last week.  This afternoon we got to take a tour of Indeed’s soon-to-be home in NE Minneapolis.  We are so excited to see this brewery take shape and make this our new hangout this summer.  Check them out!

Our Valentine’s weekend of fun rounded out with an otherwise lazy afternoon, a fire, the Grammy’s (FOO is performing NOW NOW NOW), and a forthcoming garlic pizza from one of our faves, Lake Harriet.  Because nothing says “I love you” more than garlic.  And Foo.  That’s the case in this house, anyway.

How was your weekend?  How are you spending V-Day?


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