Valentine’s Day 2012

Happy Wednesday, all….how was your Valentine’s Day?

DT and I had a lovely, albeit chill, evening at home last night which was exactly what we wanted. No crowded restaurants, no funny menus, no crazy Valentiners. Just us and the critters.

We made dinner together and concocted something we haven’t had in a long time, but always really really enjoy (and we would be 500 pounds apiece if we ate it regularly): pasta with Alfredo sauce.

Rich, creamy, garlicky sauce atop whole wheat Rotini….yes, please!

Our recipe inspiration was found here. A few modifications:

  1. We used margarine (Blue Bonnet light) instead of butter
  2. We used minced garlic out of the jar instead of powder (sooo much more flavorful)
  3. We also used skim milk and reduced fat cream cheese to attempt some sort of healthfulness with this otherwise heavy sauce
  4. We substituted Romano cheese for Parm (an easy swap, I think)

I would have taken a photo of the ingredients, but our counters were completely cluttered as we put groceries away from DT’s stop after work.

On another photo note – I’m not super thrilled with how they turned out for this meal. I wish we’d added some kind of veggie for some color/texture (e.g. broccoli, cauliflower, or asparagus), but I forgot to request any of those on the grocery list. Someday I’ll do another Alfredo post that has the dish better “accessorized.”

But for now….it’s VALENTINE’S DAY, kids.

DT brought home these beautiful roses….I just love their shade of pink.

VDay roses

And look! Chocolates of my very own (DT very generously shared HALF a chocolate [read: one. Half of one.] from the box we got over the weekend). I’m keeping these suckers in a DT-free safe place!

chocolates and me 2

VDay chocolates

So, anyway….dinner.

Margarine is added to a nonstick pan on low heat. Melt, melt, melt away….

A very liberal spoonful (and a half) of garlic is added to the margarine.

marg/garlic 1

marg/garlic 2

I cubed the package of cream cheese to whisk more manageable pieces and keep from clumping.

cream cheese cubes

cream cheese in mixture

Skim milk is added a bit at a time and whisked with the other ingredients.

Alfredo mixture with milk

Followed by the Romano.

Romano added

I couldn’t believe how smoothly everything came together – zero lumps!

Alfredo sauce

The Romano definitely thickened up the sauce; we added a few more splashes of milk to thin it out a tad.

OMG, the smell is like garlic heaven in a pan.

Meanwhile:  pasta boils and DT has chicken sauteing in a separate pan.

whole wheat rotini

Alfredo chicken

When the pasta was cooked and drained, we added the sauce to the pan.  And nearly lost our garlic-loving minds.

pouring alfredo

pasta with Alfredo

pan with Alfredo pasta

And here, my bowl of creamy, garlicky, starchy goodness:

Alfredo bowl

We settled in downstairs with our feast to watch How I Met Your Mother on the DVR from Monday, followed by an all-new New Girl.

With our stomachs bursting and garlic coming out of our pores (*romance!*), we declared a successful Valentine’s dinner. I then plopped on headphones to watch Modern Family episodes on my iPad while DT tuned into a basketball game on TV, something on his computer (I’m guessing, and some word game on his phone (I’m guessing Words with Friends or Boggle). (He multitasks with these various forms of stimulation.)

It’s how our love works. 😉

RJ licked our plates clean and Milo finally accepted that the only place I wanted him to snuggle was by my feet.

The Cupid-and-arrow end.

I hope your Valentine’s Day was filled with lots of L-O-V-E!  (Garlic too?)


3 Comments on “Valentine’s Day 2012”

  1. The pasta looks amazing! I’m going to have to add this to my “must try” list. 🙂

  2. I forgot to mention, the flowers are beautiful! Glad you had a great Valentine’s day!

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