Feline Fridays

Happy Friday!

This installment of Feline Fridays showcases two photos (not necessarily the best) that are some of the first with Milo and RJ remotely near each other long enough to be caught on camera.

Numero uno – I can’t believe they both plopped on the bench and stayed there while I quickly captured their wide eyes.  I know it’s crummy and blurry, and there are furniture boxes lined up beside them, but I was still tickled to get it.

RJ looks horrified (he couldn’t have had any idea how many times his mamma would photograph him then).  Milo just knows what’s up.

Milo, RJ bench

This one – the first of many occasions when they would crush my legs on the couch.

Milo and RJ, couch

It was cute in the beginning….now my legs fall asleep after five seconds under their girth.

Just kidding.

Kind of.  😉

Enjoy the weekend!


2 Comments on “Feline Fridays”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Ahh! Love it. There is *nothing* like a cat photo. And isn’t it crazy how the second they get comfy on your legs, you feel like you’re gonna die because you HAVE TO MOVE?

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