Craftacular Saturday

Aloha….happy Sunday, reader friends!

The weekend has – as always – flown, I can’t believe it’s Sunday evening already.  Luckily for DT and I, we have a bonus day off tomorrow (his company is closed for the holiday, I’m taking a PTO day).  I love looking forward to a Monday off!

Yesterday my bff Nancy and I had another Craftacular Saturday – we’re two for two [months] in 2012, whoop!

I worked on a super fun project that I’m thrilled about, but I can’t share it quite yet because it’s a secretShhhhhh.  Rest assured, I have captured it with photos and will share in due time.  🙂

Nancy was quite the seamstress, she has lots of great ideas up her sleeve.

She started the day plotting plans for new Cherokee and Spirit doggie beds.

Nancy measuring fabric 1

Nancy measuring fabric 2

Except – she realized she didn’t have all the fabric she needed.  Phooey.  😦

The hounds gave their WIP beds a whirl….


Chero looks pretty pleased.


Spirit settles right in while Cherokee's head photobombs.

An hour later….who needs a finished dog bed?!  Not Spirit.

Spirit sleeps on her new bed

sewing machine

Nancy switched gears and found a pattern for travel drawstring shoe bags with her fun fabric.

Nancy sewing 1

Look – isn’t it nifty?

Nancy's finished bag

Nancy sewing 2

Then she made one just for me!

my very own bag

Now I just need to plan a trip so I can pack a pair of shoes for my awesome new shoe bag, heehee.

By the end of the evening, Nancy worked on her 2011 scrapbook.  She was so craftily well-rounded yesterday!

Oh, and we drank wine.  Duh.  😉

wine damage

Hope you had a groovy weekend – did you do any crafting?


2 Comments on “Craftacular Saturday”

  1. I love the shoe bag, that is so clever! I’m going to have to make me one soon!

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