Recipe Resolution Update

Before we rang in the new year, I made some resolutions for 2012.

I come here today to confess that I have grotesquely failed two of them in the first two months of this year.

Remember resolutions 3 and 4?

3.  Stop eating the same meals over and over and make new recipes from the 75 cookbooks we have but don’t use nearly enough (for real).

4.  I’ll take #3 a step further.  Make at least one new recipe a week.  There.  Shazam.

Well.  As it turns out, I am a stinky food resolution maker.

My teensy-weensy defense:

Sandwiched between Christmas/New Year’s and our fabulous cruise were two solid weeks where DT and I were extremely vigilant about what we were eating (read:  swimsuits on beach).  For DT, this meant low-carbing.  For me, this meant routine fajitas and quesadillas (i.e. low fat).  It was easy to buy a boatload of peppers and onions and have a predictable, healthy meal every night.

Lazy, I know – but some grocery-buying control leading up to a vacation helps.  It just does.

So here we have all of these stinking cookbooks (plus a few more downstairs).  That we don’t use, because we consistently have a surplus of peppers and onions….and what better way to use up a bunch than by making FAJITAS??


Uggggghhhhh….it’s a vicious cycle, folks.  I’m a gal who can easily fall into a rut, and here I am.

So anyway.  We now have (another) way-post-vacation excess, but DT and I have had lengthy conversations this past week about expanding – really expanding – our recipe repertoire.  We need an overhaul, and to put these beautiful books to better use, pronto.

Do you find yourself in dinner ruts?  When I was single and living alone I most certainly did.  I now realize how easy it is to get lazy about it as a couple.  Buy the things you know you love, make the meals you know you love out of those ingredients, yadayadayada.  It makes coming home after a long day easy.  But I miss the fun and adventure of preparing something new and different – and reading out of a cookbook. (And it sitting on our fabulous cookbook stand, hello!)

Anyway, we’re working on it.  Stay tuned, I hope to have some fun, flashy recipes we’ve given a whirl on LiS very, very soon.  In the meantime, I admit my faults.

The end.


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