Feline Fridays

Good day!  Time for….Feline Friiiiiidays!

Today’s Milo feature is from a time when DT was in a Hill Street Blues-watching phase a couple of years ago (don’t ask, I don’t understand).  The photo is out of focus, but I just love Milo’s rather oblivious expression and the fact that he’s completely plopped on the laptop keyboard (and that it seems perfectly natural to him).

Milo on laptop

Here is RJ’s funny face – it’s perfectly captured here.  Long nose, big ears, enormous and clear green eyes.  I think he is an alien from outer space, but he’s cute and we love him.

RJ face

Have a fantastic weekend!


5 Comments on “Feline Fridays”

  1. Krystle says:

    I love these photos! My dogs always lay on my keyboard as well. They know that when they cover up the keys I can’t type and will give them my attention instead. 🙂 Happy Friday!

  2. Mom/Lori says:

    What is it about Milo? When we took care of the grandcat several years ago, his favorite place to nap was on the calculator in my office. Comfy, cozy place to nap… Really?

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