Date Night at Sawatdee

Happy sunny Saturday, reader friends!  How’s the weekend so far?

DT and I have been very well fed.  We started last night with dinner at Sawatdee (Minneapolis location), inspired by a gift certificate from DT’s mom for Christmas.

Sawatdee outside

Sawatdee sign

Sawatdee interior

Sawatdee statue

wall mural

Sawatdee bar

By the time we sat down to our table, we were ravenous.  So many choices on their menu – where to begin?

Sawatdee menu

With appetizers, of course.  I chose the vegetarian spring rolls and DT picked cream cheese wontons.

Sawatdee apps

I have had a mean craving for spring rolls lately – these sure hit the spot!

spring roll


So much so that by the time my actual meal arrived – Summer Pad Thai with tofu – I only had a few bites before a to-go box was needed.

Summer pad thai

chopsticks and noodles

Medium-spiced noodles with crunchy bean sprouts and tons of fresh cilantro....deeelish!

DT ordered Tod Gratiam Prig Thai – garlicky chicken goodness, according to my date.

DT's meal

Tod Gratiam Prig Thai

We were the very exact opposite of ravenous after all this….elastic pants please?!

Fortune cookies were cracked open at the end of our meal – DT’s fortune on the left, mine on the right:

fortune cookies

I have strength and will?

Look at the sweet bumper stickers we picked up by the door!  Heehee.

bumper stickers

More to come on the scrumptious lunch we had today.  🙂  Until then, have a great night!


One Comment on “Date Night at Sawatdee”

  1. Lori/Mummy says:

    Sounds like a great dinner with leftovers to enjoy today!

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