The Next House: A Wish List

Now that we’ve lived in our house for over a year, I have a running list of things big and small that I’ll be looking for when the next house comes around.  I’ve also logged approximately 3,287 hours in the Home Decor section of Pinterest, so my imagination is running wiiiild.

And so – here is my [mostly-down-to-earth] Next House Wish List:

(The fun one comes later. 😉 )

A quiet street (I lament here).

A larger kitchen – less galley-y and narrow.  An island is essential.

More kitchen counter and cabinet space.

A bigger gargantuan closet in the master bedroom.  Wait.  If this is a [sort-of-real] wish list….DT and I would each get our OWN closets.  There, that’s better.

A true master bath.

A master bath shower that looks a little more like this:

beautiful shower

Photo credit:

The house is in St. Paul. (Okay, I suppose DT and I will have to discuss this further.  I’m just putting it out there.)

A more substantial backyard with big, old trees.

A two-car garage with more storage space, ideally attached to the house.

Okay, you know….it’s just a little wish list.  😉

Happy February 29!  Are you doing anything special before it goes into hiding for another four years?


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