My Super Awesome Cabbage Patch Kids Lunchbox

My parents were soooo happy for us when we bought our house just over a year ago.

My first house!  Our first house together!  I became a homeowner!  I’m not renting anymore and I live in a pretty goshdarn nice place!  With a driveway! And two bathrooms even!

Yes, they were excited, as many parents would be when their kids get all grown up and things.

But there was another aspect to their excitement, and it was this:

All of the stuff from my childhood and adolescence (e.g. stuffed animals, dolls, doll clothes, doll cribs and blankets – yes, I loved dolls – yearbooks, shop class “Industrial Technology” creations, old cards, letters, photos, etc.) stored in their basement for years and years and years….they could finally remove from their house and UNLOAD onto ours.


So, for the past year or so, each time we see my parents, it’s a pretty sure bet that they’ve cleaned out something, and found another one or two or ten this-or-thats to transfer from one household to another.

(My brother bought a house in January and my parents dropped off a ginormous load of bins a couple of weeks ago.  My dad called me on their way home after the unloading and he could not have sounded more exuberant, triumphant, and blissful.)

I saw my mom last week for lunch and she had a couple of bags to hand off.  One included my awesome, bright yellow Cabbage Patch Kids lunchbox from elementary school.

CPK luncbox

My goodness.  Let me flash back.

I was not a school-lunch-eater.  Slim, if not none, chance – unless the occasional French toast sticks were on the menu, then I might bite (no pun intended).  Otherwise, for this girl most everyday:  (1) peanut butter and jelly sandwich, (1) Little Debbie brownie (or oatmeal cream pie), (1) sort of produce, many times oranges, and (1) thermos of chocolate milk (Nestle Quik).

open CPK lunchbox

And sometimes, a little Post-It from my mamma telling me to have a good day and that she loved me (with a smiley face).

Awwwwwwww.  My mum’s GOOD.

Her PB&Js were quite popular with my lunchtime crowd, actually….I would frequently trade my sandwich for extra dessert. 😉

lunchbox and thermos

It’s been a fun trip down memory lane sorting through these bins and boxes and bags.  I’m happy my parents have found solace in clearing out space in their basement (I can totally understand how wonderful that must feel).

Tonight I read a note my great grandma wrote when I was 1-1/2 and apparently dancing and jumping up a storm with two girls I’d just met in a hospital waiting room while visiting my great grandpa, and later, at my great aunt’s house listening to some record (record!  YES!) I didn’t know.  I had no idea that letter existed until two hours ago….how wonderful to have that now, all these years later!

My parents’ basement has become a little bit like a time capsule unearthed.

So, we’re finding places for all this stuff in this basement….but I’m pretty excited to rediscover it all over again.

Sunday night, cats!  How was your weekend?


One Comment on “My Super Awesome Cabbage Patch Kids Lunchbox”

  1. What a fun trip down memory lane! 🙂

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