Is Spring Here, Please?

Holy Toledo, what unbelievable weather we’ve had this weekend!

DT and I have been sniffly and sneezy and snotty (sorry – gross)….he for nearly two weeks, me for nearly one. Blech.

Despite our yucky colds, we made a point to emerge from the comforts of our pajamas, the couch, and basement cave yesterday.  I’m so glad we did.  It was like MAY weather, people!

We opened up the doors and windows….gosh, it was so nice to let the fresh air in after being shuttered up all winter.  The kitties went positively bananas, and immediately camped out in a windowsill.  (Actually, RJ bounced from room to room to smell the outdoors from every angle in the house.  This is how he loses his winter weight.)

It was wonderful to have everything so open and airy.  Ahhhhh.  This, to me, feels like summer.  Or at least that it’s on its way.

back door open

(Our backyard is a COMPLETE disaster, pay no attention.)

front door open

ktichen window

RJ finally settled down in the dining room window….

dining room window 1

dining room 2

Yesterday actually became quite productive.  We ran a couple of errands, went for a stroll in the ‘hood, ate lunch at a nearby establishment, and….hung stuff on the walls.

Only over a year later, our walls have some personality and aren’t completely blank.  Weeeeeeeee!  I do believe one of the true tests of a marriage is hanging stuff on walls (my parents would add wallpapering together to that remark).

It took us about three hours to hang five prints in the living room, two in the guest room, one in the office, and one in the kitchen (which I pulled down around 11:00 last night because I felt it was too low.  DOOOOOO-over.).  Poor DT. (“Just a little bit higher.  No, lower.”  “Are you sure there’s a stud there?”  “Maybe just a titch to the left.  Wait, go right.”  “Are you sure it’s all the way on the bracket??”)

Okay, okay.  So maybe I was kind of “micromanaging.”  But everything looks really nice!

Ahhh, well anyway.  It’s a start, and high time we motivated on that little project.

Today has been lovely – a lazy morning with the Sunday paper, and a trip to my parents’ this afternoon for hamburgers/veggie burgers on the grill.  We just got home and are settling back into the basement cave for the evening.

How was your weekend?  Hope you got outside to play!


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