Baby Boy Photo Album


Do you remember a few weeks back when Nancy and I had our craft day but my creation was a secret?

Now I can tell.

I made a photo album for my bff Jinju’s baby boy.  She’s due next week, YIPPEEEE!!

I gave her the book last week when we had dinner together.  I was SO SO happy to show her!

I bought a kit that included the album, baby boy-themed paper, some stickers, and embellishments.  I picked up some additional stickers, embellishments, and stamps.

album kit

I started with the first page….then hopped from one to the next, matching stamps and stickers to paper.

first page announcement


little toes page

baby boy page

Oh, and we drank some vino.  Gets the creative juices a-flowin’.  😉

supplies and wine

paper cutter

Here, my stack(s) of finished pages:

finished pages

When I finished all of the pages, it was time to assemble the book.  I wanted to coordinate each “spread” so the pages complimented each other.  Some thought was in order!

Here’s what I came up with….

front cover

Front cover

first page

Introducing Baby!

first spread

It's a boy page

third spread

Then I realized it would be easier (and better displayed) to show each page on its own.

stork page

baby boy page

tiny fingers, toes

Little Prince

You're so handsome page

four pics page

four-pic page #2

train page

giraffe and elephant

Little Man page

This was such a fun and special project.  I was beyond thrilled to make it for her baby and like a kid in a candy store to see her open it.

I can’t wait to meet this baby of yours, my bff Jinju!


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