2012 Inaugural Grill

Mother Nature is giving us pretty much the best spring-before-spring ever right now….everyone is raving about the weather and I’m no different.

DT got his way last night and we broke out the grill for the first meal of the year.  With a shiny new burner, our grill is ready to bring on the meat!  (Annnddd veggie burgers.  Annnddd veggies.  It does not discriminate against non-meat products.)

(And for the record, I’m not opposed to grilling – at all.  It just felt like a lot of WORK when he was making his case around 8:00 and I was already ravenous.)

But first….we had to meet this little guy!

Baby Anton

Look at all of that hair!  Such tiny fingers and a button nose!

Baby Anton – the very reason for creating this photo album – couldn’t wait until next week to get out into the world and arrived yesterday.  Mom, Dad, and Baby are doing marvelous.

And I’m an Auntie!  Weeeeeeeee!!

Anton and me

I was so-super-duper excited to go befriend him and congratulate our dear friends on their new little one.

I already have a babysitting date on the calendar, I can’t wait!  🙂

After all that baby excitement – whew! – we came home to figure out what’s for dinner.  DT sold me when he said he’d pick up a deli salad when he ran up to the store for his hamburger meat.  Easy-breezy meal, commmin’ up!

I’m sure I’ve already proclaimed this in previous grilling posts, but grilled, caramelized onions are a MUST.

chopping onions 1

chopping onions 2

With a healthy dollop of margarine and a solid sprinkle of pepper, these babies are ready for heat.

onions 2

DT’s burgers are also ready for the fire….so is mine.

burger patties

my veggie burger

So sad and lonely, little veggie burger by itself on the plate.  😉

It’s Sweet Baby Ray’s season again, folks!

Sweet Baby Ray's

It was such a beautiful night.  Although by the time we got outside to cook, it was dark….the sky was so clear and the air was still (except for the luscious aromas steaming out of the grill….BOOya!).  It honestly felt like summer was here.  But it was March 14.  The calendar got all mixed up!

DT grilled his burgers on foil – we still need to get a shield for the new burner, so the photos of his patties look a little goofy.

burgers on grill 1

grilled burgers

Monterrey Jack cheese slices are added:

burgers with cheese

Toasty buns!

toasting buns

Look at the perfect grill marks!

bun with grill marks

Meanwhile, my veg burger has been patiently grilling away….

veggie burger on grill

And now covered with melty, ooey-gooey Monterrey Jack.  Ahhhh.

veggie burger with cheese

Now let’s get back to these beautiful things….

grilled onions 1

grilled onions 2

grilled onions 3


Yeah baby.  I could eat these by the spoonful.

Instead, I heaped a bunch onto my cheesy burger.

piled onions

DT brought home a Parmesan pepper jack pasta salad.  I couldn’t say with certainty what all of the ingredients were, outside of Parmesan, pepper jack, pasta, and peppers – but it was pretty darn tasty.

pasta salad 1

pasta salad 2

I helped myself to a nice, solid portion on my plate alongside my overflowing-with-onions-and-BBQ burger.

my dinner

What a delicious, summery meal!  Seriously, what month are we in?!

Hope you have a great night!


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