Feline Fridays

Hi there!

This week, I present “RJ, The Couch:  A Series.”

These photos were actually taken many months ago, when RJ was just beginning to tempt the levels of his comfort in our common areas.

I couldn’t believe how zonked out he became, how at home he looked….we were/are so used to him being such a busybody on the go in every room.

That night, he was putty in my photo-taking hands.  🙂  What a tired boy!


RJ 1

RJ couch 2

OMG, that FOOT!

RJ couch 3

RJ couch 4

RJ couch 5

Oh goodness, lights OUT. Again, with those feet!

RJ couch 6

And now, radiating.

RJ couch 7

Oyy, don't fall off the couch!

Meanwhile, Milo was doing this:

Milo on table


Have a super sunny weekend!


2 Comments on “Feline Fridays”

  1. Gretta says:

    Absolutely loving Milo’s belly right now!!! Thanks for sharing. Making me smile! 🙂

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