St. Patty’s Day Weekend 2012

Well, my goodness.

The weather just continues to amaze.  A year ago I’m fairly certain we were snuggled up next to a fire with piles of snow outside, and the temps closer to about….uhhhh….30?  20??

I have a MAJOR case of spring fever.  DT will contest, I have become a *wee* bit psychotic the past couple of days. I don’t know about you, but this great weather not only makes me want to be outside soaking up the sun, but it also prompts me to clean and bring order to the house inside.

I have reason.  Disarray.

Couple of things:

Two weeks ago we had a bit of a water issue in the basement.  Enough so that the bedroom had to be cleared, the carpet ripped out, and the padding tossed.  As such, the second half of the family room now looks like a children’s bedroom threw up.  There is stuff everywhere, but I hesitate to put everything back, should we end up having a normal, rainy spring.  So there the vomit sits.

We have other projects going on.

As I mentioned last weekend, we finally started hanging paintings on the wall.  As this project proceeds, we have unearthed a dozen other straggler tasks neglected since painting last winter/spring.

Saturday I touched up the office.  A year later.  The room is still filled with piles of home closing paperwork, receipts, clothing, yet-to-be-hung wall stuff, gym bags, recently unpacked picture frames and other knickknacks….i.e. ground zero for CRAP CRAP CRAP.  (BLLLLERRRRGGGUUUUHHH HEAD EXPLODING).  Ohhhhh, the horror for my need-to-be-organized-and-orderly mind.

The guest room was a similar state of affairs, but I managed to get that a little more under control on Saturday.  Pheeeww.

Houses are so much WORK!

So, anyway.  Enough about my headcasey-ness.  Let’s talk about the fun stuff of the weekend.

Our new croquet set was broken in….

croquet 1

croquet 3

croquet 2

The extent of our St. Patrick’s Day celebrating was green apple juice for the kids and green tonic water for DT:

green apple juice 1

green apple juice 2

green tonic

This was my treat, oooooo-ahhhhhh:

my vino

We grilled, grilled, grilled.

The kiddos dined al fresco on hot dogs right off the fire Saturday night.

S&H dinner outside 1

S&H dining outside 2

S&H dining outside 3

DT and I ate later.

I picked up a beautiful couscous salad from Whole Foods on Friday.  DT isn’t a huge couscous fan, sooooo….more for me.  🙂

couscous container

Zucchini, peppers, carrots, red onions, fresh herbs, and a super light dressing – this was such a summery mix.  I can’t wait to get this again for our warm grilling nights.

couscous salad

DT’s meat of choice that night was steak.

Cub steaks

steaks on grill

It was a long day, so I kept it simple with a trusty veggie burger and onions, of course….

veggie burger

grilled onions

RJ was so MAD not to be included outdoors while we cooked.

RJ at door 1

RJ at door 3

Mmmmmmm….time to eat!

DT accompanied his steak with onions and some of the leftover Parmesan pasta from the other night.

DT's steak

And my once-again-piled-high-with-onions v-burger and colorful couscous for a side:

my dinner

My brother stopped over yesterday and shot hoops with the kiddos.  I didn’t take photos, but it was a delightful visit.  🙂

I hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as we did!


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