Feline Fridays


When it was colder and we were having more fires, we put newspaper to burn in a plastic tub that sat by the fireplace.

What is it about cats and crinkly things??

RJ would leap into the tub, rustle around in the paper, jump out, run around crazed for a few laps, then jump back in and loaf.

He makes such a good paperweight….what if we had a windy day in the basement?  If he wasn’t loafing in the tub, all of the paper would blow away.

Thank goodness for RJ.

RJ in tub

Never one to be outdone, Milo shows how he holds down a pillow on our bed:

Milo on pillow

Have a splendid weekend!


One Comment on “Feline Fridays”

  1. Susan Taylor says:

    Love that picture of RJ!!

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