SodaStream Maker

For DT’s birthday last November, I bought him a SodaStream Maker….have you seen these?

Sodastream Maker

It’s a pretty slick system, particularly in our house where tonic water and Coke Zero are enjoyed regularly.

It’s been fabulous to not haul a bunch of tonic bottles (or Coke Zero cans) home from the grocery store, unload, and store them.  Plus empty bottles aren’t filling our recycling and being wasted.  Win-win all around!

Here’s how it works:

Fill the SS liter bottle with tap water.

filling liter with water

There’s a CO2 canister that provides the fizz.

CO2 canister

Screw the bottle into the soda maker.

bottle into machine

Push down on the top to carbonate – hold for 10 seconds or so.

making fizz


fizzy water 1

fizzy water 2

Pour a capful of the flavor mix into the water and gently shake.

tonic syrup

tonic syrup 1

syrup into water

shaking tonic

Pour over ice and enjoy!

DT’s SodaStream V&T (Vodka and tonic):

Vodka tonic

We also have these other flavors in the pantry, plus a few samples that came with the maker.  I love, love the diet pink grapefruit – so tart and refreshing.

SS syrups

A couple of weeks ago DT ordered a supply of tonic from SodaStream’s website.  I.E. 20 bottles were delivered to our doorstep in a rather large and quite heavy box.

It was like Christmas morning at our house, folks!  For DT, the kids, and cats alike (I just took photos).

Sodastream box

Sodastream box 2

inside box

opening tonic boxes

Holy guacamole, TONIC!

tonic bottles 1

tonic bottles 2

That should be a year’s supply, if all goes according to plan.  Errm, stream.

Speaking of Christmas….boxes.  Give the gift of boxes!  Who needs to spend money on expensive toys and gadgets when a simple cardboard box will provide hours of entertainment to children and pets??

RJ was in that box, lickety-split:

RJ's tail in box

RJ box 1

Then Milo ambled on over and chased him out….

Milo box 1

Milo in box 2

RJ back in his cave:

RJ box 2

Henry smooshed himself in….

Henry in box

….but this was as far as Sam could get.

Sam in box

(The box stayed intact for another two hours or so.)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this glorious March Saturday….goodnight!


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