Feline Fridays

Aloha, happy Friday!

Last weekend when the weather was so beautiful, we let los gatos out for a little supervised romp in the yard.

OOOOooooooo….wilderness kitties!

Milo out 1

Milo out 2

Milo out 3

Milo struts along the back planter….

Milo out 4

Strut-strut-strut the other way now….

Milo out 5

Hello, Brother….we’re outside!

Milo and RJ out 1

Milo and RJ out 2

We found out that RJ likes to eat grass.  Yum.

RJ out 1

We also found out that there are a bajillion anthills in our yard.  What the heck??

Milo and RJ out 3

They had an enormous 20-minute adventure!  Their little kitty brains and noses nearly exploded with so many sights and smells.

What goofy creatures of the indoors.

Enjoy the weekend, it’s here!  🙂


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