Sewtacular Saturday – and Spring Rolls!

Happy sunny Sunday!

The temperature is creeping up-up-up….the windows are back open and RJ is so flustered that he can’t go outside and smell some more stuff.  All is right with the world.

Yesterday was not nearly as pleasant, so it was perfect for my bff Nancy and I to spend the afternoon….sewing!

I’m making good on my New Year’s resolution to reintroduce myself to the sewing machine – even if it was the most.  Basic. Thingtosewever.

I stopped by Jo-Ann Fabric on my way over to Nancy’s to pick up a couple of supplies needed for my upcoming projects:

  1. Panel curtain for downstairs bedroom (needed fabric)
  2. Fix hem on skirt (needed brown thread)

Jo-Ann Fabric

So many patterns to choose from – and that was just one aisle!  Overwhelm.

I finally found this (and my brown thread):

fabric and thread


Just me and the Huskystar 207, taking on the sewing world yesterday.

Sewing basket

My sewing basket.

Sewing supplies

Sewing supplies.

more sewing supplies

More sewing supplies.

Measuring the fabric

Measuring the fabric (Nancy helped).

Ironing the hemlines

Ironing the hemlines.

Winding the bobbin

Winding the bobbin.



My super straight stitches (yikes :-\ ):

stitches 1

stitches 2

nearly done curtain

more sewing

More sewing.

sewing table

curtain on chair

Nancy continued her work from last month’s Craftacular Saturday on the dog bed cover.

sewing book

dog bed fabric

I just love this pattern!

Nancy sewing

sewing room

She attempted – and succeeded – a far more complicated task than I could ever endeavor yesterday:  sewing zippers.


I’ll save that for the next sewing adventure.  😉

dog bed cover

After I finished the curtain, my next project was to fix the hem on a skirt that had unraveled and has been draped over a chair for months and months until such a sewing day might arrive.

Except – as I just discovered yesternoon, this task did not require the use of the scary sewing machine (unless I knew how to do some extra fancy stuff with it – which clearly I did not).  I needed to do by hand.  I’m not remotely the expert to tell you how it was originally done, I just needed to do it by hand.  Roger that?  By hand.  😉

hemming skirt

hemming skirt 2

So I did my best – passable, I suppose.

skirt hanging on chair

Ack….a few wrinkles happened on the way home….phooey.

skirt on hanger

After all of our hard work, it was dinnertime.  Nancy suggested spring rolls.  IN!!

spring roll ingredients

beautiful greens

Beautiful greens....lettuce, Thai basil, mint.

chopping cucumber

Cucumber chopped.

plate of freshness

A heaping plate of freshness.

mock duck and tofu

Mock duck and tofu.

frying tofu

Frying tofu.

mock duck

Sizzling mock duck. I've never made this at home....salty YUM!

rice noodles

Soaked, then boiled rice noodles.

Nancy added white vinegar and milk to bottled hoisin sauce to make it extra delicious and smooth.  I would gladly swim in it.  Or at least let my spring rolls swim in it.  Which I did.

Hoisin sauce

It was then topped with a chopped one of these:

Thai pepper

Thai pepper.

And some chopped of these:

chopping peanuts


And let’s NOT forget about this very important part of the meal (and day):

red vino

Cheers to sewing!

About a half hour later, here was our spring roll spread:

spring roll spread


I piled my rice paper high….

rice paper with stuffings

I can never roll these things right!  I tried.spring roll

spring roll and sauce

spring roll 2


I will have 500 more, please.

Thank you, dear Nancy, for another amazing, creatively-juiced day!  And your spring rolls are divine.  I’ve known that for many years.  🙂

So, in sum.  What would have taken more advanced seamstresses probably 10 minutes took me about three hours.  But hey….this window’s got a curtain now!

downstairs bedroom curtain


In other news, my plant is gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS with its flowers….

plant 1

plant 2

plant 3

There are so many hints of spring around….we are having such fun wandering around the yard (and neighborhood) and taking note of them all.

How was your weekend?  Did you make any sweet curtains like me?!  😉


3 Comments on “Sewtacular Saturday – and Spring Rolls!”

  1. That sounds awesome! I made cards for a friend and spray painted toy dinosaurs, you know.

  2. […] sewed this really awesome curtain panel.  That was the extent of my sewing this year, short of a few hemming projects that came my […]

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