Mad Abs March: Recap

I did my last Mad Abs March workout on Saturday – 60 seconds of planking, 60 seconds of side planking on each side (ouchie ouchie AYYY!), and 120 crunches.


Do I feel like Captain Abs with a stomach of steel?  Humm, no.  I will say that my core does feel stronger and tighter….not quite beach-ready yet, though.

I loved having a program like this with daily exercises mapped out (even if I did modify).  It kept me on track, made me accountable, and gave me something to check off!

So what’s next for April?  I’m going to continue doing crunches (100) and 60 seconds of planking daily (side planks, as much fun as they are, will be saved for occasional, “special” days 😉 ).

I also found these exercises in a Prevention magazine from last summer (Get in the Flat Belly Fast Lane) that I’ll be adding to my Awesome Abs April repertoire:


Lie faceup on mat with arms straight up over chest.  Lift upper body off ground by rolling through spine.  At the same time, raise legs to balance on sitz bones, knees bent, shins parallel to ground.  Slowly roll down onto mat, lowering legs.  To modify, start with knees bent and feet off ground (shins parallel to mat).

Ab Twist

Sit with knees bent, heels on ground, and palms together.  Rotate to left, reaching left elbow toward ground.  Look to left as you twist.  Rotate back to center and repeat to right (that’s one rep).

Modification to Plank

On elbows instead of hands:  Lift left foot 12 inches off ground.  Hold for one count.  Lower leg and repeat with right leg (that’s one rep).

Week 1:  1 set (5 reps)

Week 2:  2 sets

Week 3:  3 sets

Week 4:  4 sets

Gooooooooo ABS!!  🙂


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