Feline Fridays

Happy Friday!

Sir Milo and I have been roommates for about 11 1/2 years.  He has this little habit of hanging out in the bathroom every morning while I get ready for work.  Why?  Not because he likes me or anything.  He’s angling for a drink of water from the sink.  Aaannnndd….hot air from the hairdryer (yes, I said that).

Every.  Single.  Morning.

He’s ritualistic like that.

For years and years and years, I catered to this cute little routine we had.

“Ohhh, Milo needs a drink?  There you go.  Don’t drink too much Bud, you’ll get sick.  Now you want some hot air from the hairdryer?  Ohhhhhhkay.”

I know, I know.  The things we do for love.  GAG.

The sink behavior drives DT crazy.  The cats get fresh water in their bowl every day, WHY does Milo need to drink from the sink?

He’s snooty about his water like that.  11+ years in the making.

So, I created this adorable, obnoxious, sink-drinking monster and last fall I decided to put my foot down.  NO MORE DRINKING FROM THE SINK. 

I mean it.

I haven’t caved (on the sink part), but Milo still works his game.  13 1/2 years old and this dude persists.

Every.  Single.  Morning.

Here is a glimpse of the dance that we do….

Milo hairdryer 4

Milo hairdryer 2

Milo hairdryer 4

Milo hairdryer 5

Milo hairdryer 6

Milo hairdryer 7

Milo hairdryer 8

Milo hairdryer 9

Milo hairdryer 10

I should add that he’s now taken to jumping in the tub to desperately grab drips from that faucet.  Geez Louise.

So that’s the high-maintenance one around here (but not really).

RJ gets his own kinda lovin’….

RJ scratch 1

RJ scratch 2

RJ scratch 3

(Those are DT’s hands, not mine.)

Have a fantastic Easter weekend!


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