Goodbye 1405

Today was a weird day.

My grandpa’s house has sold, so before the new owners close next Friday, our family gathered to say goodbye to a house that we’ve known as a home for many, many years.

My mom and aunt grew up there.  My brother, my cousins, and I spent holidays, spring breaks, summer vacations there.  Every room has a memory….or a hundred.  Or a thousand.

We talked about our memories today.  I have the typical grandchild’s, but there are some that are so very uniquely 1405’s:

Hearing owls hooting outside.

The light on the garage in the backyard.  Strangely, so comforting to see at night.

The “game closet” in the back of the laundry room.

The bright, ’70s-looking flowers on the mirror in the basement.

The porch:  a place to kick our boots off and store holiday sweets in the wintertime – and play game upon game upon game at the table in the summertime.

The grassy “hill” on one side of the yard that we used to roll down.

The awnings.

The flower box out front, under the picture window.

It’s strange to think of other people living there, making new memories, making it their home.  It’s strange to think of this house not being a part of our family….that it’s not Grandpa’s.

I know that it’s not his house anymore….I have to reconcile that because it mostly doesn’t feel like it.  He’s not there, sitting in his rocker in the TV room.  The bathroom is remodeled and new and different.  The living room walls are painted, the furniture is gone, the rooms and walls have become bare.  It doesn’t smell the same – you know how you know a house by its smell?  It’s all so very different.

It’s amazing how attached you can be to a house.

Anyway, so.  I’ve had enough emotion-ing for one day.

Goodbye, 1405….thank you for all the love, warmth, and memories you’ve given us all these years.

1405 Bryant Street


One Comment on “Goodbye 1405”

  1. […] Selling my grandpa’s house wasn’t necessarily a low, but it was the end of an era for our family and a very tangible connection to him that we no longer have. […]

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