Easter Dinner

Hello, everyone….happy [late] Easter Sunday!

We ate well today, that’s for sure.  We had DT’s mum over for an early Easter dinner, and if I do say so myself, we rocked the menu out.  We feasted.

DT made bbq ribs for him and his mom.

Ribs with rub

Ribs with Alton Brown's rub - seasoning for 18+ hours

ribs with rub 2

slathering sauce

Slathering the sauce

slathering sauce 2

For a side dish, we made DT’s Grandma Roberta’s pea salad. We’ve never made this recipe, but saw it in her cookbook and both said YUM.

pea salad recipe

pea salad ingredients

peas thawing

peppers and onions

cheese goes in

peas go in

The red pepper we had was a little soft to use raw, so I used a green one instead.  It would have been so much more colorful with the red, but oh well.  Next time.  And there definitely will be a next time!

pea salad

So delicious, and so simple!  A fresh, springy salad to complement the carby-next-side-to-come.

pea salad close up

The second side was artichoke bread – baked to ooey-gooey perfection.  I just love Costco’s art dip….it made this so easy!

art dip and bread

sliced bread

art bread slice 1

art bread 1

art bread 2

art bread 3

The loaf was wrapped up in foil and tossed in the oven to bake with the ribs….low and slow.

art bread in foil

45 minutes later, at 275 degrees….

baked art bread 3

baked art bread 2

I’m fairly certain I ate half the loaf….ahhhhhhhhhhhhYUM!!

The ribs came out of the oven after six hours of heat:

baked ribs

ribs on plate

An enormous slab of meat and bones....looks a little like the shape of a lobster, and yet - ribs! 😉

I thought I would grill a veggie burger as my “main dish.”  Umm, no.  Not necessary today. My plate was pretty well filled with goodness (and second helpings):

my Easter plate

More would have been pure gluttony.

Meanwhile, the kids enjoyed their Easter hot dogs in the backyard….

Kids and Easter hot dogs

Nice faces!

Mamma Susan brought a key lime pie from Kowalski’s for dessert – which we all politely declined immediately after the meal.  Our stomachs were bursting.

I forgot to take a picture of the whole, luscious pie before cutting a slice for Susan to-go.

key lime pie 1

key lime pie 2

No matter….this pie is pretty and GOOD (I helped polish off Sam and Henry’s slices from their goodnight snacks).  You know my feelings about key lime pie, it won’t last long in this house.  🙂

I’ve grown roots in this chair and continue to digest.  Oyyy!

Have a great evening!


One Comment on “Easter Dinner”

  1. Susan Taylor says:

    Great pictures of a great day and meal! Thanks again, it was fun!!

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