Mum and Me Weekend


My mom and I hung out this weekend.  I think/know we both needed a solid dose of mother-daughter time.  When the weeks hand you lemons, give me my mother (or in her case, daughter?).  You know what I mean.

Plus.  My dad and brother were completely out of the country, in China and Mexico, respectively (hello?).  The two ladies of the family, abandoned in Minnesota….we had to stick together.


I drove up to her house early Saturday afternoon.  The weather could not have been more beautiful….70s, sunny, amazing.

We sat on the front porch for a while when one of the little neighbor girls stopped by to chit-chat.  She was extra shy with me around at first, but then it was nonstop chatter.  She has two kitties.  Her birthday party was that day.  Her cake was chocolate.  She likes the color pink.  And purple.  She had on an adorable sundress with pink and purple.  She had an owwie on her foot. Actually, more than one.  She’s turning four.  I got all the deets.  She’s cute.

After she scurried on home for her party, my mom and I hopped in the car and drove over to the little outlet mall on the interstate.  We walked the span of the mall and stopped in several stores.  I got these stylin’ sunglasses:

me, sunglasses 1

me, sunglasses 2

me, sunglasses 3

(Yes, I posed in my car in Costco’s parking lot today over the lunch hour, yes.)

My mom bought a couple of cute shirts.

We also got an ice cream treat (which I neglected to photograph), I was so busy burying my face in the dish of two scoops of cookies ‘n cream.  Sorry, no time for photos, serious business to attend to.  Mum had a waffle cone with two scoops+ of java chocolate chip.  Both of our choices = YUM.

When we got back home, we sat out on the back patio and drank Black Box wine.  Heck yes.  It was a gorgeous evening to be outside sipping Pinot Grigio, talking, vegging out, watching the trees sway, listening to the stillness (it is soooooo still where they live….I love it).  Therapy.

It started to get dark and we both realized we were starving.  We whipped up a couple of salads and personal pizzas for dinner.

My mom had already pre-made the whole wheat crust, so the only prep was chopping up veggies and infusing the oil with garlic.

Another photo fail – I forgot to snap all of our colorful ingredients.  Phooey.  Oh well, they made for a fresh, vibrant meal!  See?


Salads with the garlic-infused EV olive oil for the pizzas.

My mom also already had a vinaigrette whipped up for our salads – EV olive oil, white wine vinegar, a few drops of honey, and some mustard seeds.  Oh so heavenly….the tang from the vinegar, the sweet of the honey, the crunch of the veggies, the savory Parm on top.  May I please bathe in that dressing from now on?!

pizza prep

Prepping our pizzas - mine on the left, Mom's on the right.

I added red pepper, grape tomatoes, and red onion to my pizza.  Shredded mozzarella and shaved Parmesan to top.  Mom added the same, but also green olives and mushrooms.

pizzas in oven

Into the oven they go!

cooked pizzas


Holy macaroni, were these pizzas ever good.  The crust was done to crunchy perfection.  The flavors of the veggies really shone through with garlic-infused EV olive oil coating the crust (and a little more brushed on the cheese when we pulled them out of the oven).  We devoured our salads and all but two pieces of our ‘zas each.  Full and happy tummies.

Yesterday morning we lazily read the paper over mugs of coffee.  The weather was a faaarrrr cry from what we had Saturday – drizzly, cool, dreary.  A much better day to bake some sweets!

We decided to make a new-to-us recipe:  Pioneer Woman’s vanilla bean scones.

We made a few modifications:

  1. We used Watkins pure vanilla extract instead of the bean (which….speaking of something to bathe in….YES).
  2. We’re not much for rolling out the dough and making fancy shapes when we bake scones.  We’re more of the scone dollop-ing kind (i.e. not detail-oriented).
  3. We used almond milk instead of whole milk for the glaze.
  4. We didn’t fully dunk the scones in the glaze – we drizzled instead.
  5. Oh – and we doubled the recipe.

scone ingredients

cubed butter

dry ingredients

two bowls

Pyrex bowl

The cubed butter was blended into the dry ingredients with the pastry cutter:

pastry cutter, scone dough

dry and wet ingredients

The wet ingredients were mixed with the dry/butter mixture:

wet ingredients in dry

And here, our imperfect, rather messy scone dollops:

scone dollops

And more somethings into the oven!

scones baking

Bake bake away!

vanilla glaze

The glaze patiently awaits....

A little something to note:  our proportions with the scones were slightly all over the place.  We had some medium, we had some little, we had some monsters.  Note to ourselves:  smaller is better.  The bigger dollops just spread out all over – the smaller ones baked perfectly.

baked scones 1

Out of the oven!

baked scones 2

Perfectly golden brown

I learned that I need to work on my drizzling skills….skillzzzz….drizzled scones vanilla scone batch

Mom and I split one of the monster scones to sample….my oh my.

halved scone

The vanilla aroma, the vanilla flavor….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

The scones weren’t as dense or crumbly as some of the other recipes we’ve made – maybe it’s because of our varied sizes.  It was almost the consistency of biscotti before you bake it the second time.  But that flavor cannot be beat.

I most certainly see this recipe added to our scone repertoire, with a few little lessons learned.

I had such a marvelous Saturday-Sunday….thank you, Mummy, for boosting me up!  Sometimes a gal just needs a little dose of Mum.  Or a scrumptious vanilla scone.  Or both.  You know what I mean.  Either way, they are both very important.

How did you spend your weekend?


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