1000 Awesome Things

Okay, I guess I’m a little late to this party (try nearly-four-years-and-1,000-things-late), but I recently discovered Neil Pasricha’s 1000 Awesome Things (via The Happiness Project).

I’m hooked.

#2 – Remembering how lucky we are to be here right now.  Wow.  Talk about a gigantic, perspective-filled jolt. When I was younger, I was filled with so much optimism and awe.  I was inspired, and I surrounded myself with reminders of wonder, purpose, and intention like this post.  It’s easy to let life take over and get beaten down….it’s easy to become mentally complacent with our existence.  But stop.  How lucky am I to be here, right now?  It’s crazy how I wound up in this very moment, but I’m pretty darn lucky.

#4 – Today.  Of course.  Today is here and now, and not like any other.

#9 – Crossing off the last item on your list.  That couldn’t speak more directly to my heart, my soul, or my detail-centric brain (read:  OCD).

#20 – Me Time.  Ahhhhh, Me Time.  I thrive on quiet, I enjoy being independent and doing my own thing.  An afternoon to sit by myself and read a book sounds absolutely perfect.  This started when I was a kid and would come home from school and play my own version of “teacher in the classroom” all by myself.  (Not every single day.  I really did have friends, I could actually be social.  Don’t judge my little game and think me a loser.)  I’ve just never required company or the stimulation of others, although of course when I have it, it makes me happy.  A life spent in ongoing Me Time-mode would be lonely and quite reclusive.  I don’t want that.

#26 – Fantasies.  DT and I have fantasized on many a long run of big, cheesy slices of pizza, enormous plates of Alfredo-laden pasta, vats of ice cream, pans of brownies, deep-fried onion rings (deep-fried anything, really) or whatever most-unhealthy food we could possibly consume after all our hard work.  Or just simply sitting down.  I’ve also had fantasies that transport me to a warm, sunny beach when it’s 15 degrees in January, or that I’m a super-important rock star with a kickass voice, or I’m a blockbuster actress who’s won 12 Oscars and can cry on cue.  Or I’m a best-selling author and the Today show wants to interview me.  Or I’m an extra-smart doctor and I’ve discovered the cure for cancer or Alzheimer’s.  Or BOTH because I’m just that smart.  Fantasies bring color, imagination, and inspiration to life.  We’re wise to let our minds run.

#30 – The first bite of a piece of gum.  My oh my, YES.  As a gum addict, I can attest that this is most certainly true.  It’s like crack and I’m getting my fix.

Clearly I have a ways to go on this list of awesome, and I’m going about it a bit backwards, starting from #1.  Oh well.  This big list has already helped to remind me of the little things, and challenge me with fresh, new perspective.  I wonder what my 1000 Awesome Things list would look like?  What would be on yours?


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