Feline Fridays

Happy Friday, everyone!

We’ve seen a LOT of the cats RJ in the windowsills since we’ve been able to have them open with the early spring.  Milo’s been known to climb up too, but not as often, and certainly not as graceful.  😉

I caught RJ one day last month and peeked behind the curtain so I could snap some pics without scaring him off.

RJ in windowsill 1

RJ in windowsill 2

When it was clear he wasn’t going anywhere, I got the real deal:

RJ in windowsill 3

Of course, we can’t forget Milo.  Here he is, engrossed in one of his favorite hobbies:  groovin.

Milo groovin

Sidenote for a moment.  Nicknames we have for RJ:

RJ (Obviously, since his real name is Rick James.)

Big Foot (I’ve previously mentioned his clodhoppers….enormous.)

Puppy (You can persuade him to follow you if you use a super-high-pitched-excited-voice, like what you might use to coax a puppy to come along.)

Loafy (He sits in the shape of a loaf of bread.)

Croaky Toad (His agitated, frustrated meow is like nothing I’ve ever heard.)

RJgetdownrightnow!  (I think this is pretty self-explanatory.)

Update – I forgot one:

Long-neck goose (When he sticks his neck out while he’s lying down, possibly loafing.)

Have a terrific weekend!  🙂


2 Comments on “Feline Fridays”

  1. I love pet names! 🙂 Thanks for sharing… My husband is always coming up with new nicknames for our dogs so I’ve saved them in a Word document. It’s so funny to go back and read them, and Gizmo still remembers them as well. Gizmo had surgery two weeks ago so Cody’s current nickname for her is Baby Frankenstein. 😉 Happy Friday to you!

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