Sunday Eats

I was so excited yesterday….my parents came over for an early dinner.  Wheeeee!  They brought the hamburger patties to throw on the grill, DT and I handled the side dish and dessert.

While we sipped our coffee in the morning, we set to work on dessert:  Mrs. Fields’ chocolate chip cookies.

chocolate chip cookie ingredients

chocolate chip cookie recipe 1

Look….the “secret” ingredient is milk!

chocolate chip cookie recipe 2

brown sugar

brown and white sugar

sugar and butter

Butter/margarine were creamed with the sugar:

creaming butter and sugar

creaming butter and sugar 2

An ode to Watkins double strength pure vanilla extract:  I heart you.  I heart you very much.

Watkins vanilla extract

Then the dry ingredients were added:

mixing dough

Then the chocolate chips….OOOoooooo!

chocolate chips added

electric mixer

cookie dough on sheet

into the oven!

We figured out that the magic baking time is 12 minutes for these babies.

baked cookies

Perfectly golden, yet utterly chewy and moist.  Oooooooolala!

cookies close-up

And we made about a thousand!

baked cookies 1

baked cookies 2

For our side dish, we made DT’s famous baked beans.

baked beans ingredients

Peppers and onions were lightly sauteed….

peppers and onions

The beans, BBQ sauce, mustard, and brown sugar were added to the baking dish….amounts were not exactly exact….  😉

adding bean ingredients

Veggies were added to the pan and mixed together….ahhhhh….

baked beans

baked beans

The pan was covered with foil and the beans were cooked in a 350-degree oven for about an hour.

We were so engrossed in chatting and getting the meal ready, I completely spaced on taking photos of the burgers on the grill and the beans as they came out of the oven.  Phooey.  Use your imagination.  Burgers on the grill and steamy, bubbly baked beans just out of the oven.  See?  Who needs photos??!

Anyway – here was my plate, loaded with a glorious veggie burger, baked beans, and grilled onions:

my plate


Cheers!  Time to eat!

family dinner

We had such a lovely evening, and did we ever eat well.  I was happy to put on my stretchy pants later.  🙂

I love family dinners when Mum and Pop come to visit!


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