Feline Fridays

Fri-Fri-Friiiiiday!  It’s here!

Today I wanted to share the view that awaits me when I get home from work….when it was still cold outside and the windows were shuttered up.

Without fail, there’s RJ.

RJ in window 1

“Mom is home! I just had a brilliant nap on this table.” [Sttttrrrrettcchhh]

RJ in window 2

“You’re still standing out there, pointing that brick thing at me. I’m awake now, where’s my dinner?”

RJ in window 3

“This isn’t funny.  Get over here and open this door.  I’m staring at you because I’m mad.”

And here is Milo with Henry, obviously demonstrating what a difficult life he has….

Milo and Henry

Ohhhhhhhhh I love this lap and fuzzy Hawkeye blanket….”

Hope you have a great one!


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