Cinco de Mayo: Our House

So today was….

An 8-mile run with Emily and her dog Ena. On the first leg of Lake Calhoun we passed a group walking a bulldog. On the other half of the lake, we came upon them again, except:

Bulldog baby

Bulldog baby needed a lift! Poor thing, couldn’t quite make it around the lake. What a sweet roly-poly!

Coincidence with an 8-mile run because….

Happy 8th Birthday, Rick James! A Cinco de Mayo baby….we love you!

Happy Birthday, RJ!

The kitties had a little piggie-party to celebrate (i.e. Whiskies Beef in Gravy Prime Filets):

Milo and RJ cake 1

Milo and RJ cake 2

Milo and RJ cake 3

Milo and RJ cake 4


DT and I had a Cinco margarita celebration of our own….

margarita ingredients



The kids had post-rainstorm-first-of-the-season S’mores….

S'mores 1

S'mores 2

S'mores 3

S'mores 4

Nestle and graham crackers


Henry and S'more

Henry = YUM

Sam and S'mores

Sam = YUM

Sam and Henry, S'mores

A collective YUM

What will Sunday bring?


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