Monday Night Twins Game

Last night DT and I went to the Twins game with Nancy and Nate.  Twins vs. L.A. Angels….our home team is terrible this year (so far), but it was a gorgeous night to be outside and watch some baseball.  Plus, Target Field is awesome.

stadium entrance 1

stadium entrance 2


view of field

The bullpen….I’d never noticed that before (duh me)!


Our seats were pretty fantastic along the third baseline….

view from seats 1

DT and me at the game

Dusk is upon us….

view from seats 2

Nancy and I at the game

And now it is officially dark outside….

view from seats 3 - dark

view from seats 4

Emily and her guy Zach were at the game too – we met up with them for some end-of-game beers.

group at the game

Twins lost, 8-3.  Boo.  But we had such a fun night!

We closed the stadium down….

empty stadium

Hope your week is off to a great start!


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