Saturday’s Refreshment: Sunny Strawberry

I’m not really one to boast, but I made something delicious yesterday.

It was a beeeeeeeautiful day and DT and I puttered around out in the yard.  We were craving something fruity and refreshing….my first thought was chilled white wine, but I wanted to dress it up a bit.  My next thought was Sangria, but we didn’t have a bunch of different fruit on hand to throw in.  What we did have were strawberries that needed to be used.

Sooooooo….my Sunny Strawberry drink came to life.

DT did a quick Google search for strawberries and white wine and found this Strawberry Spritzer for inspiration.

Sunny Strawberry ingredients

Note:  we had this bottle of Winking Owl wine from the Hawkeye tailgate last fall.  It’s cheap ($2.99 a bottle – ha!), but it did the trick before a football game and surely did the trick for my little drink creation.  However, I wouldn’t be opposed to splurging on wine more than $3 the next time I make this.  😉

strawberries in pitcher

I cut up about eight strawberries and threw them into a pitcher.

strawberries in pitcher 2

strawberries in pitcher 3

Then I muddled the fruit with a few pinches of sugar.

muddled strawberries

I could have eaten the mashed berries and sugar by the spoonful, it was soooo delectable.  Like fresh, homemade jam.  In a pitcher.

muddled strawberries 2

In pours the Winking Owl….

pouring wine

Look at that beautiful color!

pitcher with wine

Then the club soda.  Measurements were not precise….a few cups, I suppose.  (Helpful, isn’t it?!)

pouring club soda 1

pouring club soda 2


pitcher from above


full pitcher

I added a few more pinches of sugar – the drink came together perfectly, but was still a bit tart.



full glasses 2

full glasses 1

The combination of strawberries and white wine cannot be beat, this was so delicious!  The club soda added bubbly effervescence.  It hit the spot exactly on such a bright and sunny Saturday.

We’re eating well and celebrating our moms today….DT and I are lucky, lucky, lucky.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mamma Lori and Mamma Susan!  We love you!


2 Comments on “Saturday’s Refreshment: Sunny Strawberry”

  1. Susan Taylor says:

    Yesterday was so much fun, thank you!!

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