Mother’s Day Dinner

DT and I hosted my mom and dad, his mom, my brother and his lady friend yesterday for Mother’s Day dinner.

On le menu:

  • Ribeye steaks (veggie burger for me)
  • Grilled asparagus
  • Bruschetta
  • Root beer floats for dessert (courtesy of my brother)

We started some of the prep Saturday night….DT got the steaks going in the marinade and I kicked off the Bruschetta.

steak set up

Steaks for six (me, no thank you 😉 ):

stacked steaks

steaks in packages

They soaked for nearly 24 hours.

marinading steaks

I cut up two-plus containers of grape tomatoes for my Bruschetta.

Bruschetta prep

Then did my own marinade for the tomatoes with EV olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and cracked black pepper.

Bruscetta ingredients

chopped tomatoes

Soak, food, SOAK!

Sunday….back to the Bruschetta.  Garlic had yet to be added – I smashed it and diced finely.

garlic cloves

Look, my new basil plant!

basil plant 1

basil plant 2

I just love walking out into the [woodchippy, torn-up to h-e-double-hockeysticks] backyard and harvesting fresh herbs.  This plant is the first of many to come this year!

basil leaves

Bruscetta 1

Grated Romano cheese is tossed in….

Bruscetta 2

Bruscetta 3

Of course, I failed to get a photo with the tomatoes on the toasted bread.  Poo.  Oh well.  I’m fairly certain we’ll have Bruschetta again this summer.  😉

Now, the asparagus.  Three pounds, to be exact.

three pounds of asparagus

I drizzled EV olive oil and dusted sea salt on the spears, then onto the grill they went:

grill 1

grill 2

My dad likes to help man the grill.  🙂

Dad grilling 1

Dad grilling 2

Noodling over the meat….done?  No?  Charred?  Maybe?!

DT and Dad grilling 1

Omigosh it looks like a parking lot in our driveway.  Maybe we’re tailgating.

DT and Dad grilling 2

The asparagus platter came together beautifully.  A few healthy dashes of lemon juice and grated Romano cheese were added….yum!  This is the perfect time of year for asparagus.

asparagus platter

Grilled MEAT:

pan of steaks

(YESH.  But I hear it was lovely.)

Another photo fail – I forgot to take photos of the floats for dessert.  Poo again.

We gave my mom a new, retro-looking coffee pot for Mother’s Day.  I hope it lasts her 50 years.

Mom and her coffee pot

I love her.

Mamma and me

Mamma and me

Hope your Mother’s Day was as special as ours!


One Comment on “Mother’s Day Dinner”

  1. I think we need to invent eye-cameras so all you have to do is blink and it will be recorded. 🙂 Lovely Mother’s Day, indeed!

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