Visitors in the Yard

We had a bit of a surprise last night….as DT was mowing the lawn, he came within inches of a rabbit burrow in the front yard.  I was nearby – we both went “EEEeeekkk!” as the baby bunnies scattered when the mower came so close to their bed.

They led us on a wild goose chase, I tell ya.  Our priority was to keep them away from the street, but they went alllllll over the place.  To the neighbors’ on the right.  To the neighbors’ on the left.  Across the street and at least three houses over (I ran after that bunny and stopped traffic on the way).  Our neighbor to the right came out to help and caught one in his cap.  He also gave us a PBR box to hold the bunnies while DT finished the lawn.

Bunnies 1

Bunnies 2

I put stinky spray on my Hostas to keep rabbits from chewing them to pieces….but dangit, these babies, they are cute.  C-U-T-E with a capital C.

Bunny box 1

See the little one just outside?

Bunny box 2

Now you can see him!

Bunny box 3

He went back in and piled on top of his siblings.

“DT….can we plllllllllllease bring them inside???”  [While RJ is faaREAKING out at the front door.]

That’s a negative.

“Can we name them?”

Ummmmm, no.

So last night we had a PBR box turned on its side in the front yard, next to their little den opening.  Hoping, just hoping, they’d sniff their way back in – or Mamma Rabbit would come back and rally them to their home.

Bunny box 4

Ugh.  I fear I have become attached.

We went out before bed….the box was empty and they’d scurried around the yard.  Two were huddled by the front planter.

This morning they were nowhere to be found – I couldn’t see them in the hole, either.  Hmmm.

Please, little bunnies….please stay off the street tonight.

Update Friday, 5/18:

I found this little guy behind the hose when I went to water the plants yesterday….

Baby bunny

Poor thing, he looks so scared.

We walked around the house last night when we got back from dinner.  Nobody behind the hose, but a bunny had fallen down into the egress window well….DT climbed in and rescued him (not sure if this was the same one from earlier).


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