Ode to U2

Someone posted this on Facebook last week….I laughed out loud.

Bono funny

I saved it on my desktop and have opened it up a couple of times since to get a little chuckle.  I mean….come on!  It’s clever, and it’s right, hahahaha!


I realized that Spicyland hadn’t yet launched when I saw the most amazing concert – probably of my whole entire life EVER.


EVER….U2 at TCF Stadium, July 23, 2011.


I’ve seen U2 twice before, but never in a stadium set up like this.

Nancy and me, U2

Nancy and I have arrived!

Nate, DT, Nancy

Nate, DT, Nancy pre-show

Nate, DT, me

Nate, DT, me

The Claw

The Claw

I fell into love with U2 when they released their Achtung Baby album in 1991.  Their song One is likely my favorite song ever heard.  I listened to the album back to back hundreds of times.  Then I discovered The Joshua Tree.  Then Rattle and Hum.  And on and on….

Their old stuff is awesome, but dang….they’re still rockin’ to this day.

The concert was postponed for a year while Bono dealt with his back injury.  Do you know that feeling of initial disappointment when you hear you’re going to have to wait for something you didn’t want to WAIT for?  For a YEAR?  Right – it totally stinks.  How am I supposed to wait for U2 for a whole other YEAR??  Well, believe it or not, the year actually flew, and there we were….TCF Stadium baby.  Bono was ready to sing to me.

Here’s the other thing….not only the year delay, but I just didn’t know what kind of show to expect.  They’d put on show after show for this tour, to say nothing of the bazillion others they’ve played in their massive career.  How do you put up the energy, heart, and soul every night and not just go through the motions?  I didn’t want to think that way, but I couldn’t help wondering.

No no no no no NO.  NO.  I am ashamed to have had any iota of a doubtlet in my mind.  These guys showed UP and put on the show of a lifetime.  In the rain, no less.

Here was the magical set list:

  1. Even Better Than the Real Thing
  2. The Fly
  3. Mysterious Ways
  4. Until the End of the World
  5. I Will Follow
  6. Get On Your Boots
  7. I Still Haven’t Found
  8. Stand By Me (with K’naan)
  9. Stuck in a Moment
  10. Beautiful Day
  11. Elevation
  12. Pride
  13. Miss Sarajevo
  14. Zooropa
  15. City of Blinding Lights – Singing in the Rain
  16. Vertigo
  17. I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight (remix)
  18. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  19. Scarlet
  20. Walk On


  1. One
  2. Where the Streets Have No Name

Encore 2:

  1. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
  2. With or Without You
  3. Moment of Surrender (with Singing in the Rain)
U2 1

Holy….bleeeeeeeeep! Here they come!

Larry on screen

screen 2

Sheets of rain….ever see a concert in the rain?  Put it on your bucket list.  It’s amazing, and somehow adds to the emotion of listening to powerful, meaningful music.

U2 in the rain

purple sky 1

purple sky 2

pink lights

Bono’s voice trailed as he sang “Singing in the Rain” when the show came to an end.  We were soaked to the bone and the sky still drizzled drops.  But my heart soared with the feeling of fullness-yet-lightness that comes from hearing such spectacular music under the rainclouds.  Like – “What did we just SEE?  What did we just HEAR?  What just HAPPENED?”  Then – “I will remember this night FOREVER.”

My goodness, what a night.

U2, you put on a helluva show.  Thank you for singing in the rain.


2 Comments on “Ode to U2”

  1. That sounds so awesome, I only heard good things about that show. And I agree – rain shows are awesome! At first you’re like “Aww shucks, it’s raining?” and then you’re like “WOOOO! It’s RAINING!”

    Also, love the Venn diagram! Yahhaha.

  2. […] magical as a concert in the rain might be, a long run in the rain is a different story.  11 miles cut down to six soaking wet, […]

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