Screens from the Weekend

Hello, happy readers – hope your holiday weekend has been glorious.


beers at Sandy's

Beers at Sandy’s Tavern – a Richfield institution.

Sandy's Tavern

Sandy's jukebox

And a little jukeboxin’.


As magical as a concert in the rain might be, a long run in the rain is a different story.  11 miles cut down to six soaking wet, drowned rat, puddly, sloppy miles.  We kept a very brisk pace.  😉


Wagners 1

Flower shopping at Wagner’s.

Wagners 2

Wagners 3

Wagners 4

Wagners 5

Wagners cart

Our loot: Impatiens, Begonias, and onions.

Vegetable/herb shopping at Linder’s – except I am a dolt and did not take photos there.  Our loot:  an assortment of pepper plants, two tomato plants, two mint varieties, and rosemary.

flowers, veggies, and herbs

tomatoes and basil


Town Hall Tap beers

Beers with my brother and his gal at Town Hall Tap.

Dustin at Town Hall Tap


Hosta harvest

Hosta harvest at my brother’s house.

Digging out hostas

Hosta backseat

A car-full of Hostas.

Hosta car-full


Drinks at Uptown Cafeteria

Fun in Uptown.

Uptown Cafeteria

DT and me, Uptown

view of Stella's

DT and me, Uptown 2

Even later….

rainy driveway

A bigass storm – complete with thunder, lightning, pouring rain, pea-size hail, and the tornado sirens. (Thankfully, no significant damage.)

Sunday storm

backyard storm



Today:  Planting day.


burning twigs

And a fire.

Garden frog

Meet my new garden froggy friend, donated by my brother.

Front planter

Front planter with Impatiens and Begonias.

Front planter 2

I love a hodgepodge of pots out in front.

front hostas

Oodles and oodles of Hostas!

front Hostas 2


Oodles and oodles of peppers!

peppers 2

basil and tomatoes

Basil and tomatoes.

rosemary and mint

Rosemary and mints.


Our onion experiment.

Honoring all who have served, and all who continue to serve our country proudly today.  Thank you.


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