The Minneapolis Half

Yesterday DT and I ran the Minneapolis half marathon.  Whoop!

It was soooooo much better than last year when we ran the full marathon.  We might as well have been run over by a freight train 12 times.  It was brutal, for a number of reasons:

  1. Our training took place during one of the most ridiculous springtimes still-winter-cold-snowing-sleeting-blowing-for-every-long-training-run four months.
  2. So naturally, on race day it was a sweltering, sunny, 80+ degrees.
  3. The course was horrible – hilly, then a surprise trail run to reroute due to flooding, then an enormous hill to climb just before the finish line – did I mention there were hills??  At mile 25, we pretty much wanted to die or orchestrate a murder-suicide.
  4. General movement, particularly where it involved legs, was difficult for the next 48 hours.  As you might imagine.

(I should note that marathon was DT’s eighth, and my second.  My first was not nearly as traumatic as number two, and DT would say the same about his previous seven.)

Anyway, enough lamenting about last year, because yesterday was so much more fun.  Here’s why:

  1. Training was shortened extensively, and the weather has been phenomenal.  We only had one torrential downpour during a long run.
  2. Yesterday was warm, but we had plenty of shade and a nice breeze.
  3. We had so many awesome cheerleaders making noise and pumping us up along the way  (we had kickass cheerleaders last year too!).
  4. The course this year was a MAJOR improvement.  No trails, no vicious hills just before the finish line, no murderous or suicidal thoughts.
  5. And the biggest bonus:  only 13.1 miles!  😉

Legs are a little stiff and sore today, oyyoyoy.  But a GOOD sore – not run-over-by-a-freight-train-12-times sore.

It all began Saturday when we picked up our packets.

packet pick up 1

packet pick up 2

Depot packet pickup 1

Depot packet pickup 2

packet box

Depot packet pickup 3

Minneapolis Marathon banner

We had our dinner-before-a-race standby that night:  cheese pizza (thank you, Papa Murphy’s – I owe you a post soon).

cheese pizza

cheese pizza with pepperoni

DT added turkey pepperoni to his half.

baked race pizza

Baked, and ahhhh….

race pizza slice

We were up at 6 am yesterday morning – like the first day of school, I’d laid out my outfit the night before.  😉

race outfit

race chip 1

Race chip on shoe!

race chip on shoe 2

Racers are ready to leave the house!

DT and me, race day 1

In this photo, I look asleep.

DT and me, race day 2

In this photo, DT looks asleep.

We just couldn’t quite get it together.

Fast forward 11 miles….

DT and me, mile 11

Photo courtesy of Nathan Berndt.

And 2.1 miles later….DONE!

finishing flowers

Beeyooteeful finishing flowers from my brother.

I need to gather more photos from my parents and other friends who snapped pics and cheered us on.  Hopefully more to come later!

Now that training is complete, I need to work on my headstand.  🙂


4 Comments on “The Minneapolis Half”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Glad to hear it was better than before! I liked it too. 🙂 I found one FB photo of you so far and tagged it. Still checking them out.

  2. […] ran the Minneapolis Half Marathon with family and friends to cheer us on.  I would have preferred a better time, but next year I […]

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