Birthday Thoughts

The weekend – and birthday (yesterday) – were everything I hoped and dreamed.  I had three full days of awesomeness.

Birthdays are true milestones.  For me, they are a time to pause and see….where I’ve been, where I am now, what’s next, what lies ahead in the coming year.  I need to make more of an effort to acknowledge these things not just on my day, but throughout the year.  Because it truly shouldn’t be a once-a-year enlightenment.

My family cannot be beat.  Simply can NOT.  Not only did they come cheer us on for Sunday’s race – which truly was gift enough to hug our sweaty, stinky selves afterward – but they showered me with more beautiful birthday presents to enjoy.  Any opportunity to spend time together is golden.

I have a wonderful husband who loves me in spite of (or maybe because of??!) all my neuroses and nerdiness.  DT lives with me in such a way that I don’t think most people could, and for that I am thankful.  He might think I’m nuts most of the time, but he sticks around.  (For what it’s worth, I think he’s a little nuts too.  😉 )

My friends are the absolute best.  I could not be more lucky to have surrounded myself with such lovely people in my life.  They make me fun and happy.

Anyway, not to keep gushing, but those were some of the thoughts I had yesterday with the cards, phone calls, and Facebook wall posts from people I saw two days ago, two months ago, and others I haven’t seen in years.  It all really lifted me up, so thank you.

So….the weekend.  Here’s what we did.


Pesto and Bruschetta dinner….with fresh basil from our garden!  Eeep!

bunch of basil

Disclaimer:  this might be the first of many basil and tomato-related meal posts if our garden takes off this summer.  Fingers crossed!

pesto bowl 1

pesto bowl 2

pesto pot 1

pesto pot 2

Bruschetta 1

Bruscetta 2

pesto plate



Pretty tame, but still fun.  Packet pick-up, a digestively-safe lunch, a similar dinner, and a fragmented night’s sleep before the run Sunday.


The Minneapolis Half!  A fantastic time with friends and family.

The rest of the day = glorious laze.


My birthday, weeeeeeeeeee!!

Spa day with my BFF Nancy.  I became a pile of jello after a facial and massage.

Lunch afterward at Mozza Mia.  Positively delicious.

Bruschetta Toscana sandwich

Bruschetta Toscana sandwich – fresh mozzarella and beautiful yellow tomatoes atop a crusty garlic bread, Italian salad on the side.

Gelato with cherries

For dessert:  pistachio Gelato with cherries and sauce – ahhhhhh.  The cherries and sauce were so scrumptious.

Then shopping, shopping, shopping.

Later….dinner with DT at El Meson.  Again – positively delicious.


My Vegetariano – the sauce and risotto were divine.

Bistec Encebollado

DT’s Bistec Encebollado. He mopped up his plate with bread, so I guess it was pretty good. 🙂

A walk around the neighborhood to combat all the good eats I’d had.  It was a gorgeous evening to be out.

No birthday of mine is complete without a Dairy Queen ice cream cake….look!

DQ ice cream cake

And that concludes the Birthday Weekend.  29 forever, BAYbee!  😉  Heehee.  Birthdays are awesome!

Have a great week!


3 Comments on “Birthday Thoughts”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I think it’s great that you embrace your birthday. I honestly don’t understand people who say that they stopped caring about their birthday as they got older. Like you said, a great time to reflect and celebrate. So many things can happen to a person at any given moment; it’s a miracle we get to celebrate our birthday each year. 🙂 Happy day!

  2. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! It sure sounds like it! 🙂 I’m a gemini as well! Gemini’s are awesome! 😀

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