Saturday’s Babysitting Gig

Hi everyone – hope you had a marvelous weekend.  Did you stay cool?  Oyy, it was steamy out!

We had a bustling couple of days – lots of activity and people and places to see.  We were pooped when Sunday night rolled around!

Long before Baby Anton was even born, my bff Jinju had me lined up to babysit so they could attend a wedding.  She’s that kind of nutty planner.  So on Saturday I had my first babysitting gig in a very long time.

I called in reinforcements:  my mom and my other bff Nancy.

Henry, Mom, Anton

Henry, Mom, Baby Anton

Anton is such a happy baby….and omg, those CHEEKS!

Mom and Anton 1

Mom and Anton 2

He dozed here and there….


Nap time!

We even put DT to work for a little bit….  🙂

DT feeding Anton

DT as the Baby Whisperer

DT and Anton

My mom, Nancy, and I fawned and fussed over him all day, but when we weren’t fawning or fussing, we had a lovely time gabbing and spending the day together.  The lady babysitters and Anton.  And DT.  And Sam.  And Henry.  And the two cats.  It was a houseful, but such fun!

I reluctantly gave Anton back to Jinju when she picked him up later that night.

When’s the next wedding, guys?!  😉


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