Sunday on Prior Lake

On Sunday we were invited to hang out on David’s sister and brother-in-law’s (Jill and Tom) boat on Prior Lake with their kids (Charlie and Lucy) and dog (Woody).  We gladly accepted the offer….it was a perfect way to beat the heat in 90+ degrees.  A steady breeze, clear sky, the refreshing cool of the lake, a few beers, good company = the idyllic summer day. 

pontoon crew

Prior Lake 1

sunscreen application 1

sunscreen application 2

Sunscreen application….I should have taken notes. Ouchie red-burn-boo for me. 😦

Prior Lake 2

Prior Lake 3

Lucy, Jill, David

Lucy, Jill, David

beer on the boat

This looks about right!

We anchored in a couple of different places, also cruised around the lake so the kids could tube.

Sam on the tube

Sam on the tube.

boys swimming

DT and me

Woody the Aquadog

Woody the Aquadog!

Woody swimming

She’s such a good little swimmer!

Lucy and Sam tubing

Sam and Lucy take a ride.

Lucy and Sam tubing 2

Henry and Charlie

Henry and Charlie

Sam resting

Sam rests for a spell.

Woody at the gate

Woody and me

Lucy in the lake

Lucy bobbin’-bobbin’ around.

Sam and me

Sam and me

Woody on an island!

Woody on a tube island!

….And back to the safety of the boat.

DT in the lake

pontoon crew in the lake

I feel like we officially kicked off summer with a day on the lake, yippee!  Welcome, summer 2012!


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