Weekend in Cannon Falls – Day 1

Hi everyone….here we are, back to Monday.  Why do the weekends have to fly by so quickly??

DT and I had a little adventure.  My birthday gift from him was a road trip to Cannon Falls this weekend.  Remember when we had this fun Monday last summer?  We had such a blast that day and vowed to come back when we could spend more time and not worry about a drive back home.  And so we did.

We packed up and were on our way as soon as we possibly could after work on Friday.  The nice thing about Cannon Falls from the Twin Cities – it’s only about a 45-minute drive.  So you feel like you’re a million miles away – what, with scenery like this:

Cannon Falls drive 1

Cannon Falls 2

Cannon Falls 3

….except you’re really not.  We were to our hotel by 5:30 and ready to check out the main drag.

Cannon Falls sign 1

Cannon Falls sign 2

It was a little ironic we happened to be in Cannon Falls this particular weekend – on Thursday, that area had nearly a foot of rain in 24 hours.  The rainfall and elevated water levels were all over the news – the Little Cannon River that runs along downtown was bursting.

Little Cannon River 1

Little Cannon River 2

Little Cannon River 3

Little Cannon River 4

Little Cannon River 5

Little Cannon River 6

Little Cannon River 6

Minnieska Park 1

Minnieska Park 2

We went down to the park below and saw so many trees knocked over….

Minnieska Park 3

Minnieska Park 4

Minnieska Park 8

….caught in bridges….

Minnieska Park 5

….pulled up….

Minnieska Park 6

Minnieska Park 7

….it was kind of a mess.  😦

flood damage 1

flood damage 2

flood damage 3

flood damage 4

flood damage 5

flood damage 6

I can’t believe how much damage can come from that amount of rain.

We headed back up to Mill Street and stopped into Mill Street Tavern.  It was closed when we were here last year (on a Monday – so everything was a little more sleepy that visit).

Mill Street Tavern exterior

Mill Street Tavern window

Mill Street Tavern bar

Mill Street Tavern signs

Mill Street Tavern inside

Mill Street Tavern is a great local bar….the place filled up quickly around the dinner hour.

DT and me, Mill Street Tavern

Speaking of dinner….

Dinner at the Tavern

A bean and cheese quesadilla for me, buffalo chicken sandwich for DT.

After dinner, we wandered around downtown.

Mill Street

Mill Street

4th Street

4th Street

Two hardware stores right next door to each other – think they get along?!

Hjermstad Hardware

Althoff's Hardware

My dad would absolutely love either/both of these stores, by the way….we’d lose him for a day.  Maybe more.

DT and me, 4th Street

We moseyed on over to Chuggers for a nightcap.  With a name like Chuggers, the place has GOT to be good, right?!  😉

Chuggers sign

Chuggers chalkboard

Drinks at Chuggers

Chuggers menu

Chuggers paper towels

Chuggers air conditioned sign

We headed back to the hotel to rest up for a lively Saturday ahead.  Here was the beautiful sky that night:

Beautiful night

Part two of our little adventure to come tomorrow!


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