Weekend in Cannon Falls – Day 2, Red Wing

We began Saturday with a toast:


Mimosa ingredients

Cheers to a fun day ahead!

The rain in the forecast toyed with us that morning.  We weren’t sure if we could squeeze in the bike ride we had planned to Red Wing before a downpour.  As it turned out, that wasn’t what kept us from riding….see?

Saturday sky

No rain yet!

Instead, David’s bike tire had a broken valve so it wasn’t holding air.  In fact, it was quite flat.  😦  We have a bloody curse with bike tires, this is the fourth summer in a row.

Traveling with bikes 101:  Do not leave town without checking the stinking tires!

We were a little bummed, but a pretty drive to Red Wing made us feel better.  🙂

Ride to Red Wing 1

Ride to Red Wing 4

Photo blocked

Photo blocked. Phooey.  I think he’s still mad about the tire.

Ride to Red Wing 5


Ride to Red Wing 6

Hello, Red Wing!

Red Wing sign

Water levels were high there too:

High water 1

High water 2

We arrived to their Main Street and easily found a public parking lot to leave the car.

Red Wing downtown 1

We wandered the streets a bit, primarily looking for a lunch spot, but also taking in the town.

St. James Hotel

St. James Hotel on Main

Red Wing downtown 2

Red Wing downtown 3



Red Wing downtown 4

So lovely and quaint!

Church in Red Wing

We looped around and landed at the Brickhouse for lunch, not far from our parking spot.

The Brickhouse, outside

Brickhouse bar

Brickhouse drinks

Their menu was diverse – salads, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, yadayada.

Brickhouse menu

Lunch is served:

Brickhouse lunch

Club sandwich for DT, pesto pasta for me.

My pesto pasta

Ooooo, it was tasty – plus the gigantic slab of garlic bread they served – lotsa garlic!  Could I get a side of garlic with that please?!  😉  The half portion was the perfect amount.

The bartender was prepping for Bloody Marys….seriously, a meal on a stick, served in a drink!  (I’ve never seen a hard-boiled egg with a Bloody, but it’s clever!  I’d try it!)

Bloody Mary fixins

With our stomachs full, we took to more exploring.  There was a pretty little garden space right next to the Brickhouse’s patio.

Brickhouse garden 1

Brickhouse garden 1

Now, down to the river.

The train depot was right on the way….such a neat building!

Red Wing Depot 1

Red Wing Depot 2

Makes me want to hop on a train!

Red Wing Depot 3

Levee Park

Levee Park, along the riverside.

green clock


Helllllloooooooo Wisconsin!

The Harbor Bar over yonder looked (and sounded) pretty fun!  🙂

We did some rock skippin’ – although didn’t find too many flat ones to throw.

skipping rocks 1

skipping rocks 2

skipping rocks 3

Smiley couple shot:

DT and me, Red Wing

My shadow shot:

my shadow in Red Wing

Accidental forehead shot:

my forehead in Red Wing

After the river walk, we meandered into the St. James Hotel.  Jimmy’s Pub on the fifth floor had just opened for business.

Lounge at St. James

drinks at St. James

St. James chandelier

Before we headed to the car and bid adieu to Red Wing, one final stop at a beautiful garden right next to Main Street.

Red Wing city garden

Red Wing city garden 2

Red Wing city park 3

DT and me, Red Wing park

Oh – and here’s the post office:

Red Wing Post Office

I'm in the park.

Thoughts on future travel to Red Wing:

  • A return trip is necessary.
  • We could definitely occupy ourselves for a weekend here.  It would even be fun and cozy to hole up for a few days during the winter.
  • However, if traveling during the summer, I have another lunch idea:  the food at the Brickhouse was great, I’d have no trouble going back.  But why not stop at the Econofoods on Main, buy some yummy cheese and salads from their deli and a bottle of wine from the liquor store nearby.  Then bring a picnic lunch to Levee Park.  Kick back on the grass and enjoy the water scenery right in front of you.  Eh?  Eh??

Goodbye for now, Red Wing….we’ll most definitely be back!

On the road again….

ride back to Cannon Falls


A crazy rain shower blew through on our way back to Cannon Falls – we were glad not to have been on our bikes at that moment.  🙂

ride back to Cannon Falls 2

Blue skies all the while.  Weird.

ride back to Cannon Falls 3

Here we are again – Cannon River Winery!

Cannon River Winery sign 1

Cannon River Winery sign 2

So good to be back!

It was definitely more lively on this Saturday visit.

DT at winery

winery 1

winery 2

We tasted 15 of their wines, which sounds like a lot.  But each sample was only a couple of sips.

wine sampling


winery sign

winery bar

DT and me, winery 1

DT and me, winery 2

We had some music to add to the ambiance.

singer 1

singer 2

More rain moved in while we were inside tasting wine….

winery - across the street

rainy window 1

rainy window 2

rainy window 3

We left with three bottles to take home for gifts.

It was another relatively early night after our action-packed day in Red Wing and at the winery.  A pizza and cheesy bread were ordered and delivered to our hotel room.  🙂

Sat. night pizza

Such a fun little getaway!

And a quick 45-minute drive home Sunday morning to celebrate **FATHER’S DAY** with our families.  It was an awesome, AWESOME weekend all around!


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