Feline Fridays

It’s Friiiiiiiday!  Whatcha have cookin’ this weekend?

Guess what?  Today is the the 20th edition of Feline Fridays on LiS!  Monumental, indeed.  🙂

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but RJ is a huge burrower.  For example:

  1. He likes to look for openings in the comforter along the side or on top of our bed and hop in for a snuggle.  Then there is a comforter lump like you see here next to Milo.
  2. He’s also been known to burrow downstairs in the fleece Hawkeyes blanket.  We’ve nearly sat on him at least a few times or yanked the blanket out from underneath (over?) him to fold it up when we didn’t realize he was in there.
  3. He’s managed to circumvent our strategy to cover the living room furniture (dark brown microsuede with two whitish cats in the house, derp) with sheets (it’s so ghetto, I know).  He looks for overlaps in the sheets and crawls right in.  Lumpy on the couch, white hair on dark microsuede.  So much for that tactic.

Anyway, these photos illustrate a burrowing *fail.*  Maybe not even a fail as much as a half-hearted attempt, of which he seems pretty content.  I call it the Half Burrow.

RJ half burrow 1

RJ half burrow 2

RJ half burrow 3

It’s like he has a shell.  RJ the turtle.  Ha!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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