Craftacular Saturday – Bonus!

Well hello….how was the weekend?

May got away from us and my bff Nancy and I didn’t quite get around to putting a Craftacular Saturday on the calendar.  Phooey us.

We were back to it yesterday, though….well, kind of.  It seems a baby and vino “may” have distracted us.  😉

Here was my plan to craft:

corkboard supplies

A wine cork corkboard!


Nancy’s projects were these adorable tote and gift bags:

Nancy's tote 1

Nancy's tote 2

painting supplies

tote bag front

OMG….sooo cute!

tote bag back

Tote bag back

gift bags

!!! So fun!

glue and wine

Wood glue and wine. A perfect match. 😉

craft snacks

Craft snacks.

I lined up the first row of corks before I started gluing.

first row of corks

first row of corks close

Uhhhh….except….I slightly miscalculated my cork inventory.  I only got this far.  😦

halfway done corkboard

This is what bad craft planning looks like.

I called a couple of restaurants nearby to see if they collected corks – no dice.  Boo.

My other bff Jinju happened to be in the neighborhood and checked in to see about stopping by.  Corks shmorks, Baby Anton is on his way over!  🙂

Annnnd….she brought pie.

strawberry pie

I had already started slicing a piece….heehee.

Baby Anton and me

Baby Anton and me….ugh, my heart!
Photo caption: Anton’s mamma

Photo caption: @Yennilb

He’s so much fun to swoon over!

After Jinju and Anton left, Nancy and I continued to drink wine and consider plans for the evening.  Grill out?  Sure!  We hit the grocery store for a few supplies.  She beckoned her hubby Nate and he showed up a while later, with an additional wine cork stock for my project.  Sweeeeet!

Dinner prep.  I threw together a Sangria for the ladies.

Sangria ingredients

Ingredients: white wine, sparkling raspberry water, cherries, strawberries.

muddled fruit

Muddled fruit.

pouring wine 1

pouring wine 2

glasses and Sangria

glasses of Sangria


Nancy made an amazeballs side salad.

salad veggies

Ingredients:  Roma tomatoes (two), green beans (a steam-able package), red onion (half), chickpeas (two cans), balsamic vinegar, EV olive oil, and lemon juice (to taste), parsley (a few sprigs), and goat cheese (unmeasured).

chickpeas in salad

chickpea salad

So colorful and flavorful….so summer!

Nate shot hoops with the kiddos while food cooked on the grill.

shooting hoops 1

shooting hoops 2

shooting hoops 3

sweet corn and brats

Sweet corn and brats (a veggie burger for me)….our first sweet corn of the year, a-YUM.

grilled onions

Grilled onions. Of course.


A feast.

dinner with friends

Dinner with friends, YAY!

Sam and Henry had S’mores for dessert, we later had the aforementioned pie.

kids and S'mores 1

kids and S'mores 2

Sam and his S'more

Sam and his S’more.

Henry and S'more

Henry and his S’more.

Such a fun day with impromptu visitors and wonderful company!  And food and drink soooo delightfully deelish, I could not wait to put my drawstring shorts on.  😉

Later last night I lined up my additional wine corks – I still have a little ways to go.  Any donations will be accepted!

wine cork corkboard progress

I love Craftacular Saturdays that take on a life of their own!


One Comment on “Craftacular Saturday – Bonus!”

  1. […] Nancy. She has this Madewell tote and recently polka-dotted her own (which you can read about here). These two things brought me to the craftpiphany (coin that) of painting my own heart […]

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