Easy Marinara

DT had leftovers from grilling Sunday evening, so I was kind of on my own for dinner last night.  We desperately need to do a major grocery store run, so I had to get a little creative and work with ingredients we had on hand.  As it turned out, it was an easy – and delicious – thing to do.

I had frozen tomatoes that needed to be used so I whipped up a quick and easy Marinara sauce to put over pasta.

Marinara ingredients

Ingredients: minced garlic, already-opened jar of spaghetti sauce, tomatoes, cracked pepper, and oregano from the garden.

I started with the tomatoes, garlic, and pepper – sauteed over medium heat.

sauteeing garlic and tomatoes

It’s getting nice and saucy….

sauteeing tomatoes and garlic 2

I chopped up the oregano….the smell is heavenly.

chopped oregano

I added the oregano and a few spoonfuls of spaghetti sauce.

Marinara sauce 2

boiling pasta

Whole wheat Rotini

Marinara – complete:

Marinara sauce 3

A healthy-sized bowl of pasta….

Marinara bowl 1

….with an equally healthy dose of Parmesan to top.

Marinara bowl 2

It was good.  It was so very, very good.  Chunks of tangy tomatoes, earthy oregano flavor, and the presence of garlic….one cannot go wrong with this mix.

In other news….I found this in the front planter:

Robin's egg

When they say “robin egg blue” they mean robin egg blue!

Robin's egg in hand

So teensy.

I also picked the lone red tomato – don’t want some little critter stealing my garden’s one piece of ripe produce.

red tomato 1

It’s too pretty to eat so for now I’ll just admire it.

How’s your Tuesday?


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