Screens from the Weekend

It’s July 1, can you believe it?!

Here’s what we’ve been up to this weekend….it’s been a fun (and productive) one!

Friday night:  a family dinner at Ingredients in White Bear Lake to celebrate a very special guy.

Dinner at Ingredients

Happy Birthday, Pops!

Dad - b'day

Creme Brulee for dessert….ahhh!

Omigosh, everything – and I do mean everything – was so absolutely delicious.  Rich flavors, gorgeous presentation, lively atmosphere….the restaurant was really a delight.  I would have taken more photos except I was too busy eating.  😉  Strrrrrrrretchy pants, please!


Two trips to Home Depot for two bags of grass seed and 37 bags of topsoil.  Did I mention we have a new patio?

patio 1


laying topsoil

Laying topsoil.

laying topsoil 2

Prepping the lawn for grass seed today.

patio 2

More on this later…. 🙂

Last night:  Twins game with Nate and Nancy – muy bueno!

DT and me, Target Field

Target Field 1

Nancy and me

Target Field 2

Target Field 3

Twins win!

Twins win!

Solera rooftop

Post-game drinks on Solera’s rooftop.

wine at Solera

DT and Nate

This morning:

Cafe Latte sign

Cafe Latte bakery case

Coffee, treats, and the Sunday paper at Cafe Latte.

Coffee, treats, and the Sunday paper at Cafe Latte in St. Paul.


Raspberry streusel scone – yum!

This afternoon:

planting grass seed

Planting grass seed.

grass seed

Grow grass, grow!

garage 1

garage 3

Then our garage threw up.

garage 4

Putting it back together.

garage 5

garage 5

garage 6

A clean, happy, organized garage! Yahoo!

Now we’re loafing on the couch soaking up the A/C.  🙂  Yep, it’s a toasty one!

What have you been up to?


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